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Pokémon Show Up For Osaka 2025 World Expo

Nintendo have thrown some weight behind the race for Osaka to host the World Expo in 2025. There are a few contenders in the shortlist covering Yekaterinburg in Russia, Baku in Russia and Osaka.

Osaka is quietly confident of its chances seeing as they previously hosted in 1970 and have the experience needed to host such an event. But just in case, the video below has been put together to fully illustrate the point.


The video showcases the best spot for the expo which is Yumeshima Island with a beautiful natural landscape. Just in case Osaka does win the bid, preparations are underway which is also shown in the video. And you can’t have a video showcasing Japan without having some Pokémon in there. So expect to see Eevee, Pikachu, Charizard and more!

Even Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe shows up and delivers a speech…albeit in an awkward manner. Hopefully Osaka wins the bid, we’ll let you know how it goes.

Nintendo Switch Still Selling Like Hotcakes In Japan

The Nintendo Switch has been out and selling for a few months now but even in its native Japan, people are still clamouring to buy one with thousands of people queueing for only a few hundred available in stores. Don’t believe me? Check out these pics from Tokyo and Osaka where not hundreds but thousands braved the Japanese Summer (read: hot and humid) for 250 units on sale at Akihabara’s Yodobashi Akiba department store.

And the thing is, these queues aren’t even for the Switch itself but like a lot of things in Japan, it’s for a lottery ticket to then have a chance at actually buying one!

And if Tokyo wasn’t bad enough then check out the similarly massive queues in Osaka where once again there were thousands for only 200 consoles!



Hopefully no one passes out while bearing the very hot Japan sun!

New Shonen Jump Attraction For Universal Studios Japan

It seems like everytime we turn around, Universal Studios Japan has a new feature for visitors to marvel at. If it isn’t a Biohazard attraction, it’s a Monster Hunter or in this case, Shonen Jump. Specifically, three different manga will have attractions, Death Note, Dragon Ball and One Piece.

Universal Studios is no stranger to One Piece attractions having previously hosted such an event but now it’s the all new One Piece Premiere Show 2016.

one piece universal studios

You know those Trap Room/Escape Room puzzles that are gaining popularity? It appears the Death Note attraction will be following suit and it’ll be a puzzle affair that you must solve much like the Resident Evil Real Escape Game that’s currently in place as well.

death note universal studios

But even better, just the the 4D Spider-Man experience, the new Dragon Ball feature will see Goku battling Frieza in Dragon Ball Z The Real 4D experience.

dragon ball universal studios

If you want to get to any or all three new features, you better hurry as they’re running from July 1st through to September 4th, 2016.

Danganronpa Store For Osaka

Osaka has their own version Tokyo’s Akihabara known as Otaroad. Some would even say that Otaroad is superior to Akiba in many ways and a bigger range of goods despite being smaller in size.


Now another hugely popular franchise is set to have their own store in Otaroad. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is set to have a new pop up store located at Geestore Annex Osaka. They also happen to be an associate company of cosplay merchandise label, Cospa. The space is normally reserved for exhibitions relating to anime and gaming titles. Feast your eyes on the pics from the store below, the pics are courtesy of Mikikazu Komatsu.

No word on how long the store will stay open for so if you’re a fan, and who isn’t, then run don’t walk to this exciting new store.

Madoka Magica Event For Japan

The annual Golden Week holidays have just finished in Japan, occurring between May 3 – 6 and this year, there was an extra special event. The area in Japan known as Ikebukuro hosted a Madoka Magica event which turned out to be very popular.

madoka event 1

The event featured life sized figures of the girls, cafe style drinks and special appearance by the voice actors Emiri Kato, Ai Nonaka, Aoi Yuuki and Kaori Mizuhashi. Prior to the event, attendees were warned to expect waits of up 90 minutes and then some, so bringing your own water to the event was essential.

madoka event 2

madoka event 3

madoka event 4


If you happen to be in Osaka in the coming week, you can catch the event there from May 17 – 18.

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The Gundam Train Rolls Into Japan

Japan taking their love of all things mech to the next level have produced something pretty cool. We’ve seen the massive 1:1 ratio scale model of the Gundam in Odaiba but now there’s something new to ooh and ahh over.


Ready for it? A Gundam train. Nankai Electric Railways connecting the largest city in central Japan, Osaka with the Kansai Airport have commemorated the mobility this service provides by joining forces with Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The new train draws inspiration from the villain, Full Frontal, being that villains consistently outrank the good guys in terms of popularity.

full frontal

Taking the existing Nankai Tokyu Rapi:t express train and rebranding it as the (deep breath), Mobile Suit Gundam UC Tokyu Rapi:t Return of the Red Comet Tokyu Rapi:t Neo Zeon.

gundam train

The new train will be rolled out from April 26 and will connect people to and from Namba Station, found in downtown Osaka on the Nankai Main line all the way to the Kansai Airport Station, on the Airport Line.

gundam train seats
Fancy train seats!

You can’t take the seats home unfortunately but there are these limited edition tickets for the first 5000 people which carry the Rapi:t tickets featuring the Neo Zeon crest plus the cast and mecha of Gundam Unicorn. The train will run until June 30 so make sure you don’t miss out!

Attack On Titan 3D Manoeuvre Gear For New Museum

There are quite a few Attack on Titan fans that will be excited at the next bit of news. Osaka, Japan is now host to a new AoT museum that just opened. Like a lot of things of this nature, the museum is time limited being open until February 16 but their main attraction will need to be seen to be believed.

The museum has a life sized replica of the 3D manoeuvre gear as seen in the show and used by the Corps. This is all being put together to start the hype machine rolling for the live action adaptation movie of the anime due some time in 2015.

aot museum poster

It’s all taking place at the Osaka ATC (Asia & Pacific Trade Center) with the charge to enter being ¥800. It’s open from 1PM through to 8PM with a last entry shut off at 7:30PM on weekdays while on weekends, it’s from 10AM until 5PM on Saturdays. And with a really cool twist, the promo posters for the attraction advise patrons to come decked out in cosplay. Only in Japan.

Figure scale...how tall is your favourite character?
Figure scale…how tall is your favourite character?

You can also replicate the famous opening scene with the Titan peering over the wall with a cool prop wall setup. They even supply the mask for you to wear and terrorise people over the wall for a photo shoot.

aot wall


Full venue details below:

Asia & Pacific Trade Center
2−1−10 Nankokita, Suminoe Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
Phone: +81 6-6615-5230

A Look At Monster Hunter Through The Years

The Monster Hunter fraternity is all abuzz with the news of the recent announcement around Monster Hunter 4G in Japan. It’s also the Monster Hunter series’ 10th year anniversary. To mark the event, Capcom have put together the nostalgic video below which is quite impressive.

The video outlines all the intro cinematics, in-game cinematics and promo clips that have been released for the Monster Hunter games from the first installment on PS2 all the way up to Monster Hunter 4 on the Nintendo 3DS. It’s a long video at over 1 hour long but Monster Hunter aficionados will lap it up.

On top of this awesome video for the anniversary, Capcom will be teaming up with Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan. From February 1, 2014, they will be having life scale replicas of the monsters seen in the games. The event is called “Monster Hunter the Real 2014″ and anyone travelling to Japan this year might want to add a side trip to their agenda.