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Danganronpa Store For Osaka

Osaka has their own version Tokyo’s Akihabara known as Otaroad. Some would even say that Otaroad is superior to Akiba in many ways and a bigger range of goods despite being smaller in size.


Now another hugely popular franchise is set to have their own store in Otaroad. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc is set to have a new pop up store located at Geestore Annex Osaka. They also happen to be an associate company of cosplay merchandise label, Cospa. The space is normally reserved for exhibitions relating to anime and gaming titles. Feast your eyes on the pics from the store below, the pics are courtesy of Mikikazu Komatsu.

No word on how long the store will stay open for so if you’re a fan, and who isn’t, then run don’t walk to this exciting new store.

The Idolm@ster Exhibition For Namco Osaka Store February 2013 Edition

Otaroad is Osaka’s version of Akihabara in Tokyo and the Namco Osaka Nipponbashi, located very close to Otaroad, is currently holding a special exhibition. “The Idolm@ster Museum” has been running since November last year, busily occupying the first and second floors with the content of the museum being changed during regular intervals.

Have a look below at the gallery which features the current items in the museum. *all of the photos were taken by Mikikazu Komatsu with the permission from the store*

[AFG_gallery id=’203′]

Anime Employee Released From Death Threat Charges

We reported a couple of months ago about an anime employee who had posted online about how he intended to go on a stabbing spree in Otaroad, the equivalent of Akihabara in Osaka. This brought back painful memories of the stabbing spree that did occur in Akihabara back in 2008 when Tomohiro Kato rented a truck, plowed through the busy pedestrian filled streets on a Sunday and then proceeded to stab people on foot. This resulted in the streets of Akihabara being closed to the public on Sundays to prevent a further tragedy.

The case in Osaka revolves around Masaki Kitamura who it was alleged, made death threats identical to what happened in Akihabara. The post online was made on the Osaka City government’s web site back on July 29, the Police then got involved and tracked the posting to a wireless internet connection which was paid for by Kitamura. However new findings now say that his pc was infected by a virus at the time of the posting which allowed others to access and remotely control his pc.

Kitamura along the way always denied having any knowledge of the message being sent, this latest discovery serves to confirm his innocence. There was also a separate case in Mie Prefectural involving a 28 year old man who posted on a site that he was intending to destroy the Ise grand shrine who was later released after Police determined that his pc had been infected by the same virus.

Maid Cafe Owner Employed 14 Year Olds, Gets Arrested

Breaking news from the Naniwa Ward in downtown Osaka where we hear that the owner of a popular maid cafe franchise, “Maidream”, has been arrested for employing 14 year olds to work in the cafe. A maid cafe is a place where the attendees are “masters” and the maids wait on them, hand and foot.

The problem stems from the fact that it is illegal to employ a child under 15 years of age according to the Labor Standards Act in Japan and at the time of the incident, the three girls he employed were all aged 14. All three girls attended the same school and the event only came to light after a teacher responsible for student guidance became alerted to the fact and reported the findings to the police after three days. The suspect, aged 61, has owned to the allegations and admitted to the allegations.

The cafe, “Maidream” is situated in Otaroad, a street in the shopping district of Naniwa Ward called Nipponbashi. Otaroad is known as the Osaka equivalent to Tokyo’s Otaku central, Akihabara and is rapidly gaining in popularity amongst fans.

Japanese Police Thwart Potential Osaka Stabbing

Disturbing news today from Osaka, Japan where it was revealed that a 42 year old anime director, Masaki Kitamura was prevented in advance from a potential stabbing attack. On July 29, Tomohiro had gone online and posted the following:  “I will commit a massacre in Otaroad next Sunday. I will ram into pedestrian paradise, and after stabbing indiscriminately with a knife, I will commit suicide.”

Otaroad is Otaku central in the district of Osaka called Nipponbashi, it is an area that it heavily populated by pedestrians all throughout the day. This is extremely similar to the events that unfolded in Akihabara in 2008 when Tomohiro Kato posted online that he was going to launch a rampage on the Otaku central of Tokyo. The main difference is that he went through with it, driving a rented van through the crowd before launching a stabbing spree killing seven people and injuring a further ten.

Luckily, in this instance, the police were able to track the IP address used by Masaki to some high-speed wireless LAN equipment allowing them to swoop on the 42 year old anime director, Masaki Kitamura and placing him under arrest before he was able to carry out his deadly threat. Surprisingly, Kitamura, after being placed under arrest said, “I have zero recollection of doing this.”

Maskai has worked on a number of anime project ranging from Zone of the Enders: IdoloTiger & Bunny (episode director) to Yu-Gi-Oh! (storyboard) as well as Mobile Suit Gundam 00 (storyboard, assistant director, and episode director).