Cosplay Interviews

Interview – Vera Chimera (Cosplayer)

Following on from naming her as the Japandaman Cosplayer Of The Month, we now have our interview with Vera Chimera which she kindly agreed to. Vera’s done some stunning ┬ácosplays from Tracer (Overwatch), Ada Wong (Resident Evil), Black Cat (Marvel), Katrina (League of Legends), Tifa (Final Fantasy) plus a whole swagload more! Japandaman: When did […]


Cosplay Trick 101

Ever seen a cosplay photograph that looked so seamless and fluid that you thought it must have involved some level of expert Photoshop skills? Well, that’s not always the case judging by the below example. This is Tasha, a Korean cosplayer cosplaying as Tracer from Blizzard’s upcoming title, Overwatch. If you’re new to Overwatch, here’s […]