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Oz Comic Con Perth 2017: Yuri On Ice Cosplay photoshoot

I was extremely lucky to take some fantastic photos of these amazing cosplayers. These cosplayers were extremely nice and were willing to take lots of photos (I have almost 200 different pics :P). What was wonderful about this shoot was that the majority of these cosplayers had no idea who each other were. They were just happy to share the ‘Yuri on Ice’ love.


Cosplayer Of The Month June 2016: Chibi Mage & Koneko Chan

Midway through the month, must be time for an update on one of my new segments…Cosplayer Of The Month! And this time for something different, we have our first duo to make it. It’s Melbourne based duo, Chibi Mage & Koneko Chan. These young ladies are virtual chameleons with many a varied cosplay spanning anime, movie and video games.


From Dragon Ball Z to Naruto, the Legend of Zelda and more, check our their versatility in the gallery below and for more of them, give their Facebook page a like.

Oz Comic Con Wrap Up – Melbourne 30/06 & 01/07 ’12

This past weekend saw cosplayers turn up in their droves for the first, of hopefully many more, Oz Comic Cons in Melbourne. This is the first time that Oz Comic Con was staged in Melbourne and there were tons of special guests. None more so than Stan Lee himself, one of the creative forces behind Marvel Comics.

Julie Benz from Dexter and the Buffy/Angel Universe was there, Sir Patrick Stewart and Jason Momoa were also some of the stars happy to pose for pics and sign autographs.

The event itself wasn’t run the best as it could have been, overcrowding, too small a venue and a lack of experience running such a large event marred the experience for some people. Another surprise was, my wife and I were able to¬†walk out on Saturday for lunch and come back 90 minutes to walk straight back in. However on the Sunday when I attended with my sister, the organisers didn’t let you leave unless you wanted to wait two hours to come back in. Pretty pathetic I thought and to rub more salt into the wounds, people with VIP tickets who had paid extra for their tickets were subjected to the same treatment. What was the point of buying the more expensive tickets?

My signed Spider-Man comic book and Japandaman with Stan Lee…much respect!

But to be honest, I went there for Stan Lee and was lucky enough to get a comic book signed by Stan as well as have a pic taken with him in the photo booth.

Friend and photographer Matt managed to get some great snaps of the proceedings as well as heaps of the cosplay action so a big thanks to Matt. Catch his Dark Messiah24 channel on YouTube or follow him on Twitter.

Oz Comic Con Day One

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Oz Comic Con Day Two

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