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Halloween 2016 Tokyo Style

Tokyo Fashion have been busy in Shibuya covering the recent three day street party Halloween event in Shibuya which saw the streets get closed and thousands of Halloween cosplayers take to the streets and just have a great time. There’s some amazing cosplays in these clips and some very cute and funny ones too. One thing that Japan does very well is take things to the next level!

It’s Japan, Man! Launch Party Pics

For those of you who may be unawares, Japandaman HQ has been at work on an otaku lifestyle show, looking at the community in Australia. The show launched last night, Friday 17th January, so the cast and crew decided to have a little get together/launch party at the Asian Beer Cafe in the city. These are some of the snaps that were taken on the night.

[AFG_gallery id=’371′]

Much fun was had by all and in case you haven’t seen the show or subscribed to the Youtube channel, the show is below and here’s the address for you as well: www.youtube.com/user/JapandamanAU

New Year Celebrations From Downtown Shibuya For 2013

Japanese fashion blogging site, Tokyo Fashion, have just published a video with tons of pics of the shenanigans that went down in Shibuya to see in the New Year, 2013. All the action seems to have taken place in the famous Scramble Crossing which was closed off to the public allowing thousands of revellers to get in and mix it up with everyone else.

Looks like everyone was having a great time and just living it up in the awesome party atmosphere. There were police on hand as well to make sure everything stayed above board however it looks like their presence was just a precaution and they weren’t really expecting a lot of trouble.

[AFG_gallery id=’185′]

Vita Online Specs Go Live

I reported the other day, the tech specs of the upcoming PS Vita, today I have the online specs and what we can look forward to with the social interaction abilities that the Vita packs in. At the recent Develop 11 conference, Sony went on the record and revealed the following tidbits of info.

First up is what they’re calling “Near” which basically will allow gamers to swap data with each, leave gifts for each other and find out info about the games they’re playing. So it sounds like the Nintendo 3DS Streetpass ability where you’ll be able to see what games your friends are playing.

Next we have “Party” which will be for gamers to have real time chats much like Xbox Live’s party chat where you’ll be able to communicate with up to 4 other gamers via voice or text chat. Pretty cool 🙂

Next is “LiveArea” which will be the PS Vita launch pad from where you’ll have access to your library of games and incorporates three modes called Index, Live and Game. Here you’ll be able to have a closer look at each game and discover if there’s new DLC for the title or any updates. There may be a function that can be utilised using the GPS function but however there wasn’t any further mention of it.

And lastly there’ll be the “Activity” section where everything you do will be recorded which sounds like the Activity Log section in the 3DS. Any trophies garnered along the way will be recorded here as well as a function where people will be able to comment on what you’ve done lately.

Sounds like a great way to encourage social interaction amongst friends and like minded people 🙂

Check back periodically for more updates on the upcoming Vita launch.