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Playstation Experience 2016 Day One

The Playstation Experience 2016 was held this morning, Melbourne time, and considering it was just the first day, there were announcements and videos galore that left me salivating and wanting to see more. I’ve included the clips below for the games that I’m keen to see and right at the bottom I’ve left a link to see more of the other clips and some Playstation Experience links for you to check out.

Persona Cafe For Shibuya

Gaming bars, cafes and restaurants seem to pop up everywhere in Japan with the more recent one being the Square Enix cafe in Akihabara. Today we hear that a brand new one has opened just after the release of a new game in the series.

That game is Persona 5 and the new Persona cafe has just newly opened in downtown Shibuya. Both Final Fantasy XV and Persona 5 were supposed to compete against each other but a delay to FF XV sees Persona 5 having the current stand of big releases all to itself.

The cafe is a collaboration between developer Atlus and Pasela, a restaurant operator. Now let’s have a look the food that’s on offer.

Main Character’s Coffee Float, Ryuji’s Passionfruit Cola, and Yusuke’s Blue Yogurt ¥650

Palace Honey Toast ¥1,130

Arsene Strawberry Cola, Captainn Kidd Passion Blue, Chameleon Rose Berry, Zoro Smart Mojito, Goemon Yuzu Tea, Johana High Priestess Coffee, Necronomicon Kiwi Blue, and Milady Chardonnay Heart

Like all the awesome things in Japan, the bar is only open for a limited time starting with today, October 14 until November 23rd. If you want to give it a look, here’s the all important information:

Persona 5 Cafe (at Los Cabos Shibuya branch) /ペルソナ5カフェ(ロスカボス渋谷店)
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan 1-22-9, Pasela Resort 2nd floor
東京都渋谷区神南1-22-9 パセラリゾーツ2F

Persona 5 20th Anniversary Edition Unboxing

I ran a post recenty about the announcement around the 20th anniversary special release of Persona 5. Today it seems that a retailer in Taiwan has jumped the gun and beaten the street date by releasing the game early. The game isn’t due in Japan until September 15 but an unknown YouTuber posted the unboxing video online. Sadly the video has been taken down by the user but there are some pics which show the unboxing. It looks like a pretty good package!

Japan “Persona 5” PS4 Bundle

I’ll keep saying this because it’s true but Japan really does get the most awesome bundle deals for console and/or game releases. Case in point is this new PS4 bundle being released for the upcoming launch of the latest entry into the hugely popular Persona series, Persona 5 and the launch of the recently announced PS4 Slim.

First of all, the price of the Persona 5 PS4 Slim bundle has been set at ¥39, 980 and you also receive a code for a theme download and associated avatars. The PS4 Slim by itself is ¥29, 980. The promo TV spot below features a talented singer dressed as Ichiyo Higuchi, the woman who adorns the ¥5, 000 note.


And speaking of promos, there’s also one for Persona 5:

Yep, that looks pretty cool!

Persona 5 Website Opens

Persona is a hugely popular series all over the world and for good reason. Atlus have crafted an amazing RPG world and filled it with fantastic action and lovable characters. So it’s with anticipation that I recently saw the newly launched website for Persona 5. Not much is on there but the obligatory countdown clock, until launch or until the final website launches remains to be seen.


The game is due to hit Japan late 2016 with a release for the West as well, unfortunately no date on that as yet. They have announced that it’ll be released for both the PS3 the PS4 systems.