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Pokemon Sleeping Bags For Pikachu Plushies

Now this is really cute. Sleeping bags for your Pikachu plushie which look like other Pokemon. Words can’t do this justice, have a look at these pictures.



Unfortunately, these can’t be purchased in stores, instead you need to enter a lottery in the Pokemon Centre megastores, Tsutaya – a video chain of stores, anime store chain Animate and selected bookstores and arcades. You pay ¥620 and receive a random prize card which nets you anything including the Lapras style sleeping bag or even a Pikachu sleeping bag which are 25 centimetres long.


Prizes C and D are a half year 2017 calendar and days of the week cards while D is a Gengar or Pikachu pouch with a zipper for small items.


Charizard or Lucario sleeping bag plushies are prizes E and F.


For the rundown on all the prizes, check out the official site.

New Ditto Plushies For Pokemon Centres

Pokemon Centres across Japan are going to be getting a bit more cuter with the addition of some new plushies for customers. Well, specifically it’s one Pokemon but in various different states. In Pokemon land, Ditto is the Pokemon that can replicate other Pokemon along with their attacks. However, sometimes his transformations don’t quite go as planned.


pokemon ditto

The new plushies show Ditto in mid transformation of the following Pokemon: Gengar, Poliwag, Eevee, Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. Each plushie will retail for ¥1,200 and there will also be key ring versions which will sell for ¥800.

ditto plushie

ditto keyring

They’re available from May 14 2016 in store and the online store.

Kingdom Hearts Dreameater Plushie

If you’ve been checking out any and all footage and news from the upcoming Square Enix release for the 3DS, Kingdom Hearts 3D, then you’ll have heard or at the very least seen the Dreameaters in action. Square Enix have now brought the furry critters to life via their online shop where you can pick up your very own souvenir from the game.

A face only a mother could love!


Very cute, I’m sure you’ll agree! All this cuteness can be yours for ¥ 3,800. Link to the online store is at the bottom.


Square Enix online store