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New Fruity Pocky Flavours

That delicious yummy snack from Japan, Pocky, comes in many different flavours. Some available all year-round while others are seasonal or even regional, available in certain parts of Japan. But now Glico, the Pocky manufacturer, have announced a new range of mouth watering flavours.

The range is called Pocky Squeeze and its selling point is that it’s been made with 70% real fruit juice giving the Pocky sticks a new burst of flavour! The two new flavours are Peach and Blackcurrant and just take a look at how scrumptious the artwork on the boxes look!

If anyone is heading over there or is in Japan now reading this, we’d love to hear what you think of them if you come across these new flavours.


Been a while since I’ve done one of these but it’s time for a fresh batch of TV commercials straight from Japan!

Pocky, ramen in a cup, J-Pop songstress Ayumi Hamasaki in a ad for Clash of Queens, a mobile game, am amazing ad for Pocari Sweat, crazy Playstation VR commercial, Y! Mobile with cute cats and loads more. Check out the video, courtesy of YouTuber JPCMHD below!

Japanese Commercials, Vol. 14

Time for that new favourite segment of japandaman.com, the amazingly original, zany and crazy TV commercials straight from Japan. As always, thanks to YouTuber, JPCMHD for the fresh batch of commercials!

This month there’s Pocky, Gatsby skin care, Softbank, IdolMaster mobile game, yummy snacks from Meiji, LINE mobile games and a whole heap more! Hope you enjoy this month’s offerings 🙂

Lightning Pulls Off Cameo With Pocky

Maker of Pocky, Glico, has teamed up with huge Japanese developer Square Enix to pull together a cross collaboration with the popular flavoured chocolate sticks and the upcoming Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

lightning pocky

To mark the game being released tomorrow, Lightining and various characters from the game will be adorning the different boxes of Pocky. The boxes will be showing up this week in Japan across the many Family Mart stores. The boxes will carry artwork featuring Lightning, Mog and many others on the original Pocky flavour, Friend Bakery and Almond Peak.

friend bakery


almond pocky

Star Wars Pocky for Japan

Now here’s a great way to kill two pop culture icons with one stone. Glico, makers of all sweet things in Japan including the delicious Pocky, have joined forces (ahem) with movie giant franchise, Star Wars.

star wars pocky

They’re hitting Japan this week and will be accompanied by Pocky Giant packs and sticks in the style of light sabers. Promo clips can be seen below. You can also hit up the official site for the collaboration.

How cool are the Glico x Star Wars vans? Very.

As well as being yummy with a new element of cool to them, the packs also come with exclusive items such as rubber stamps, droid cushions which you can send away for and playing cards.