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New Pokemon Centre For Tokyo Skytree

Anyone who’s ever gone to Japan and loves Pokemon would have checked out one of the many Pokemon Centres littered around the place. You can find some really cool exclusives in there plus they’re just really cute to visit as well.  There’s news of a new Pokemon Centre opening in Tokyo conveniently located in the middle of a relatively new attraction, the Tokyo Skytree. I’m particularly happy at these news as the Skytree is in our neighbourhood whenever we visit Japan so it’ll be really close to us!

pokemon skytree

The Pokemon Centre will be located in the Solamachi entertainment complex and it isn’t going to be a smaller type of store. It’s reported as being one of the Tokyo Pokemon Centre Megastores so this means it’s going to be jam packed with goodies that some of the smaller stores don’t carry. Something unique to each store is the logo that promotes it and this one is no different with Pikachu riding on the back of a Rayquaza, a legendary Pokemon.

pokemon skytree2

pokemon skytree3

The store opens for business on July 6th so start getting your wallet ready for a hurting 🙁

Pikachu x Mega Charizard For New Ikebukuro Pokemon Store

Take a breath before you see this because it might be one of the most kawaii things you will ever see. There’s a new Pokemon Centre opening in Sunshine City Ikebukuro and to mark the occasion, they’re releasing a range of plushies and other merchandise with Pikachu dressed up in a Mega Charizard hoodie. The store will be carrying the Pikachu/Mega Charizard as a mascot.

The store opens up on December 12 while the special Pokemon card seen above will be given away until January 15th, 2015.

Pokemon Given Away In Japan

The Pokemon Centres in Japan are in full swing for New Year celebrations and this is clearly evident by a special Pokemon being given away.

Visitors to all the Pokemon Centres in Japan with a copy of Pokemon X/Y will be receiving a special type of Inkay Pokemon. This special Pokemon was only available at the latest centre to open in the Tokyo Bay but the promotion has now spread to all stores. What makes this Inkay special to others, is that it’ll come with a special ability called Happy Time or Happy Hour, depending on your translation.

inkay 2

This ability allows the Pokemon to double the money won at the end of each battle that he’s a part of when you use the skill. This special ability cannot be taught elsewhere and apart from this promotion, the only way to get this skill is if you pick up an Inkay that already has the move. It’s a very unique ability so make sure you don’t make him forget it or trade him!

inkay 1


The giveaway will run until January 26, 2014 so if you’re going to be in Japan before then, don’t miss out!

Hundreds Queue For Pikachu 3DS LL Outside Pokemon Centre

We earlier reported about the extremely limited edition 3DS LL being released in Japan at Pokemon Centres in Japan featuring the lovable Pokemon, Pikachu. By all accounts the lines of people were beyond massive with hundreds of eager fans queuing up for their chance to pre-order one of the amazing models. The Tokyo Pokemon Centre was reported as having 300 people outside by 10:AM by Inside Games.

As you can imagine, the line only grew and swelled by hundreds, so much so that it took fours to process everyone in the queue. The Pikachu edition 3DS LL will release on September 15 and will retail for ¥18,900. Pictures below courtesy of Inside Games.

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Pokemon Centre Gets Pikachu 3DS XL

Australia still has to wait a little under a week before we finally get the 3DS XL unleashed upon the gaming public but there’s already a new edition which will send Pokemon fans scrambling to their nearest importer.

Nintendo plan on releasing an ultra rare Pikachu 3DS XL model which will only be sold at Pokemon Centres in the following areas: Tokyo, Sapporo, Yokohama, Tohoku, Nagoya, Osaka and Fukuoka.

The model will be called the “Pokémon Center Original Nintendo 3DS XL Pikachu Yellow” and will sell for ¥18,900 which at today’s exchange rate puts it at $AU228 approximately.

The 3DS XL will be sold from September 15 with a pre-order, pre-orders will start to be taken from August 25. For more info, head on over to 4Gamer.

Thanks to regular Japandaman reader, James for bringing this story to my attention, great stuff!

Japan To Receive New Pokemon Centre

Plans are underway to construct a a new Pokemon centre in the earthquake affected Tohoku in north eastern Japan. This will make it the seventh of its kind for Japan with the intention being to help the children cope with the disaster. This store will carry the ” Pokemon With You” theme which is for the disaster relief initiative and will raise funds for the victims of the natural disaster.