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Japan Reveals Which Animes They’re Waiting For

Even the anime otakus in Japan are keen for the next season of shows they’ve fallen in love with. But which shows exactly are they eagerly waiting? Charapedia held a poll and asked fans that very same question and this is what they came up with. The poll ran until the 1st of June and included over 10,000 replies with 46.6% female and 53.4% male. While people in their teens to 20’s made up 85.2%.


Here’s the top 20 responses:

1. Sword Art Online II – 2113 votes

2. Free! Eternal Summer – 1676 votes

3. Hanamonogatari – 1019 votes

4. Black Butler: Book of Circus – 939 votes

5. Re:_Hamatora – 500 votes

6. Tokyo Ghoul – 494  votes

7. Sailor Moon Crystal – 476 votes

8. Persona 4 The Golden – 435 votes

9. Gekkan Shōjo Nozaki-kun – 428 votes

10. Ao Haru Ride – 417 votes

11. Psycho-Pass New Edit – 398 votes

12. Fate/kaleid liner Zwei – 344 votes

13. Bakumatsu Rock – 266 votes

14. Encouragement of Climb – 252 votes

15. Barakamon – 240 votes

16. Glasslip – 222 votes

17. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance – 189 votes

18. ALDNOAH.ZERO – 173 votes

19. Space Dandy – 134 votes

20. Rokujyoma no Shinryakusha!? 126 votes

Any of your favourites in there? Bring SOA II, Sailor Moon Crystal and Psycho-Pass New Edit for a start!

K-Pop idol worldwide poll results

A survey recently wrapped up, started by CJ E&M, in an effort to find the most popular K-Pop idol as judged by their fans around the world. The survey was called ‘The K-pop artist you like the most‘ which was conducted between April 4th to April 21. The survey took 20 popular K-Pop idols that had released a single in 2013 and the question was asked with a total of 73,809 votes coming back in.


INFINITE-H took the top spot garnering 41.1% of the votes while SM’s Girls’ Generation came second with 17.3% and also from SM, boyband SHINee claiming the third spot with 13.1 of the votes. Taiwan, Thailand, and China were the countries where INFINITE-H had the most of their votes, Brazil and Mexico was where Girls’ Generation had the vest reception while SHINee had the best results in Russia, Spain, and Italy.


Overall, Taiwan had the largest number of votes across the board while Poland came second. The Unites States sad the third largest turnout with the voters.

Girls’ Generation

CJ E&M released the following statement, “It turned out that artists are popular in countries according to national trends, and whether or not the artist had promoted in their country. The data shows that having overseas concerts and international marketing helps with their popularity.

Otakus make up 42% of Japan

A recent poll in Japan of over 130,000 people to determine if the considered themselves an Otaku, yielded an answer which we probably all knew. 42% of respondents answered with a resounding yes.


When asked about areas that they were passionate about, answers ranged from seiyuu to games, soaps and more. The gender breakdown was 38.1% women and 45.7% of men owning up to being otakus. The rest of the breakdown is below:

Teens: 62.0%
Twenties: 55.6%
Thirties: 46.4%
Forties: 44.8%
Fifties: 36.7%
Sixties: 26.9%
Seventies: 23.1%
Eighties: 23.3%

To some people in Japan, the word “otaku” carries negative connotations with it with the general stereotype being young anime males. What about you, Japandas? What makes you an Otaku?

Japan Comes In At Number One

The BBC over in the UK recently polled their viewers in over 22 countries from a pool of 24, 090 viewers to determine the countries they thought or deemed to be “mostly positive” or “mostly negative”.

The top five can be found below:

5. China
4. UK
3. Canada
2. Germany
1. Japan

What this means is that the voters find Japan to be a desirable, have no issues with the country and find it attractive to visit. Top placed Japan beat out the USA which placed 8th which could be surprising to some.

Not to us at Japandaman Dailies though, we love the Land of the Rising Sun!

Asian Pop Clip Of The Week Poll

I’ve decided to add a new poll to allow readers to vote for their favourite Asian pop hit, the one with the most votes will be highlighted on Japandaman Dailies as a Thank You to readers! So don’t delay, have a click, it only takes a micro second to have a say and means so much!! The poll also allows you to add your own hit for other readers to vote for as well.

The poll is just below you so have a look and a click. No more delays, vote today…I really didn’t mean for that to rhyme, apologies 🙂

Thanks in advance!

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Voting is now over but thanks for taking part!

The state of Expos in Australia :(

2 days off work means more reviews to come for my new buddies over at Otaku Fuel…I’d kill to be going to Anime Expo ’11 but once upon a time I wanted to go to Tokyo Game Show and that ended up happening last year 🙂 Thanks once again to Aussie Gamer for the press hookup so I’m guessing if I play my cards right, I’ll end up at Anime Expo sooner rather than later. We really are starved for these kinds of expos in Australia, I mean, sure we have Supanova, Armagedon and Manifest as the three big ones but the space they occupy is minute compared to what takes place overseas. I’m fairly certain those three expos are the only big ones unless I’m missing one? The point being that while these shows do draw big names from the entertainment world, I’d give my left nut for something more anime/manga/J-pop culture related with a bigger emphasis on cosplay…maybe Japandaman needs to do something about this. Get some sponsorship happening, pay for some big names to come Down Under and get some people dragging themselves to a proper big show with vendors peddling their wares, the whole works. Good Smile Company, Max Factory and then maybe even Japanese pop culture blogger himself, Danny Choo. I’m sure he’d love it down here and people would definitely come from interstate to see him judging by the amount of Australian visitors to his site. And if we’re going that path, maybe even have a Japanese car culture section where Itasha would be introduced to the masses. If you don’t know what itasha is or what it means, have a click here or here.

But I digress as EB or Electronics Boutique themselves are planning an expo themselves at the end of the year, which in lieu of going to TGS this year, may be a distinct possibility on the Gold Coast. Link here to the website for those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about.

Of course something of this undertaking would require massive planning and I’d be doing market research for a lonnnng time to make sure this thing had the best chance of success and I’d probably call it Japania or something like that 🙂 So who’s with me, does anyone want to see a massive event like this here? So instead of us flying overseas, which we’d still do, it’d be great to see international fans coming here for the expo!

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