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Animal Crossing 3DS Ships Large Numbers

The week just gone saw the release of Animal Crossing: New Leaf for the 3DS in Japan and while official sale numbers haven’t been released as yet, there are some impressive numbers on how many pre-orders were shifted.

The pre-order originally started out with a 200,00 shipment which increased to a staggering 500,00 as retailers in Japan kept watching pre-orders keep rolling in. This is only the first shipment for the game so there’s obviously a huge interest for this title in Japan.

Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, recently mentioned that the Animal Crossing 3DS bundle was also selling like hotcakes and the pre-orders for the hardware bundle had caused the shifted units to increase as well.

Japan PS Vita Pre Orders Begin

With the launch of the PS Vita in Japan drawing closer and closer to the December 12 deadline, retailers started offering pre orders for the handheld various stores.

Yodobashi Akiba seems to be doing great business with the hundreds of gamers eager to get their hands on a pre order to ensure they don’t miss out. The pre orders at Yodobashi weren’t due to start until 7AM in the morning, that didn’t stop the masses from queuing up the night before. By midnight, there were over 200 people in the queue which had more than doubled by the time sunrise came with well over 500 or so punters waiting to part with some cash for a pre order.

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Meanwhile over at Shibuya, another electronics retailer, Shibuya Tsutaya, was also holding their own Vita pre order event. The shop began taking orders at midnight and by the time the store opened at 12 midnight, there were about 60 or so people that had lined up.

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As yet, Sony hasn’t made a mention of how many units they will have ready to ship for the pre orders but they are anticipating that the special edition Vita with the bonus 3 hours of high speed 3G time will be expected to run out the door.