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Ghost in the Shell: Arise – border:3 Video Promo

Here’s another look at the new movie coming out for the revival of a cult classic series, Ghost in the Shell. This is the trailer for the latest entry for the prequel, Ghost in the Shell: Arise – border:3 Ghost Tears. The film will be landing in Japanese cinemas on June 28.

Following the passing of Tomoyuki Dan, the role of Ishikawa will be taken up by Shunsuke Sakuya.

New Arise trailer packed with action scenes

We’ve shown a bit of the new and upcoming entry to the Ghost in the Shell franchise, Arise, which will serve as a prequel to the hugely popular series.

gits arise 4

Today we have the first real trailer for the new entry which looks absolutely amazing loaded with tons of action, something the series is known for.

The first entry in the prequel series will be hitting Japanese theatres on June 22nd, shortly after that the movie will be arriving on DVD on July 26th.