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Lawson Convenience Stores Announce New Promotions

Lawson is a popular franchise of convenience stores in Japan and like most stores tend to run promotions from time to time. They recently announced a couple of new ones for the otaku public.

First up, there’s the swimming anime, Free!, in which customers can buy 2 collaboration Calbee products in order to receive a snazzy poster which can be seen below.

free anime poster


You can also download the Android and iOS Lawson app which will give you access to a Free! wallpaper for your smartphone. Knowledge of Japanese will be required for the app.

The second promotion is for Love Live!, the hugely idol anime with matching game. The promotion kicks off on March 18 and will consist of a lucky draw lottery where you can win unique Love Live! t shirts. You’ll need to gain entry to the promotion by purchasing a Kirin drink and then you’ll also be able to select your favourite girl for the promo campaign.

love live promo



McDonalds’ Japan 60 Second Service

Japan, taking the adage of fast food that one bit further, are offering visitors to their restaurants a new incentive. Running from the 4th of January to the 31st of January 2013, customers are guaranteed to the have their burgers in their hands in 60 seconds or else they’ll receive a coupon for a free burger of their choice.


The campaign is called the “Enjoy! 60 second service” and was designed for the customers who are time poor and just need to get in and get out in the most minimal time. And just how will the customer know that they are adhering to the 60 second rule? There’ll be an egg timer on the counter keeping an eye on everything.


Not all stores have launched the campaign as yet but Gigazine have found one store that is already running the promotion, video can be seen below.

Of course with most things in life, there will be people who will try to get something for free, with one user from Rocketnews24 commenting,

On popular Japanese message board 2channel, one user claiming to work for McDonald’s writes that at smaller restaurants with less staff, you’re almost guaranteed to wait for more than a minute if you order a ‘Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese’.

 According to his logic, if you use this method to score a free hamburger coupon and then use that to order another Double Quarter Pounder, you can, in theory, create a never-ending cycle of free McDonald’s hamburgers (until the promotion ends in February)“.


Sony To Hold DMC Sessions In Japan

Capcom look set to hold a promotional event to start the hype machine for DmC Devil May Cry by having DmC sessions in Japan with the aid of Sony.

Just as Microsoft Japan once teamed up with Capcom to lend a hand with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for the Capcom x Microsoft showcase. Sony will give support with Capcom’s Play.Community group whereby attendees will be able to play a demo of the game. The demo will feature the same two levels that were featured at this year’s Tokyo Game Show so in other words, most awesome!

The event will take place on November 4th and people wishing to attend will need to register and then cross their fingers that they get selected for the invitation.Those lucky attendees however will also be receiving some fantastic swag just for being there consisting of DmC t-shirts, a DmC bag, and PlayCommu screen cleaners as well.

For those of you in Tokyo and wish to try your luck and receive an invitation, registration is available here.

The Miss Yakuza 5 Candidates Lineup

The next lucky candidates who will get their shot in the spotlight promoting the next installment in the Yakuza franchise, Yakuza 5, have been selected by Sega.

Sega have chosen fifteen lucky girls from Osaka, Fukuoka, Sapporo, Nagoya and Tokyo, three girls from each area have made it through to the final round.

The lucky five who make it all the way through and get selected will be promoting the game later on in the year through the use of commercials and other promotional events. Early July will see the final round of girls chosen but for now you can check out the official audition site and also at the Facebook audition page.

The site is also hosting videos of the fifteen finalists, you can catch a condensed version of the videos below.


Now just for your enjoyment, we present the fifteen finalists below.


Sana Ito
[AFG_gallery id=’76’]

Kaori Okamoto
[AFG_gallery id=’77’]

Mami Yamashita
[AFG_gallery id=’78’]


Yuiko Kan
[AFG_gallery id=’79’]

Sakura Kiryu
[AFG_gallery id=’80’]

Maaya Morinaga
[AFG_gallery id=’81’]


Miki Murai
[AFG_gallery id=’82’]

Ibuki Yamada
[AFG_gallery id=’83’]

Emiko Ieda
[AFG_gallery id=’84’]


Marina Suzuki
[AFG_gallery id=’85’]

Nanako Kodama
[AFG_gallery id=’86’]

Yuu Maeda
[AFG_gallery id=’87’]


Rena Nanami
[AFG_gallery id=’88’]

[AFG_gallery id=’89’]

Kotoko Ootsu
[AFG_gallery id=’90’]