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Tech demo Miku air hockey coming to Japan PS Plus

A few months ago there was a tech demo created using Hatsune Miku and Mikudayo where they were playing air hockey through the AR technology in the PS Vita. Due to the positive response this demo received during the Nico Nico Chokaigi 2 super conference, it’s being made available to PS Plus members in Japan.

miku miku hockey

The download will be available between September 10 through to September 19. This official release of Miku Miku Hockey also brings the added feature of allowing people to spectate the game between Miku and Mikudayo, or a combination of either, playing air hockey. Your characters can also level up during the game so if you have a Japanese PSN account, pull it out of mothballs and get ready for some Miku hockey action!

Japan receives exclusive PS Plus games for PS Vita

While most of the Sony gaming public have been enjoying the benefits of PS Plus on their PS3 and PS Vita’s, Japan has been a tad slow in that area. Games were being released but at a slower rate than in other territories.

News has just emerged that Japan will be receiving 5 exclusive titles for the PS Plus subscribers in Japan from reputable developer, Grasshopper Manufacture. First up is a puzzle game where you need to fix bugs inside a computer world. The game is called ELEDiVE and the puzzles in the game can be solved by using tilt controls and utilising touch panels to progress.

Next there’s UniUni Union, Uni is Japanese for Sea Urchin, where you’l take on the role of a Sea Urchin named UniUni. The gameplay will consist of UniUni having to pull levers and interact with other objects through his arms which have the ability to stretch. Then there’s Mou, Sou Suru Shikanai!, a game which will be utilising a multi touch interface by placing more than one finger on the screen to create a path for ants to follow.

UniUni Union
UniUni Union

Another unique puzzle game is Volt where you need to move a beam of light around in order to get it to bounce off different mirrors so it can reach its target. And lastly, Octalide is a game using both the front and rear touch screens of the Vita to move objects around and navigate them around the environment.

If you do have a Japanese PSN account, hurry as these will only be around until May 14.