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Amazing Metal Gear Cosplay

I’m a sucker for the Metal Gear franchise, it’s easily my favourite series followed by Resident Evil. I also love cosplay so when the MGS series comes together and meets cosplay, the results can be astounding…as is evident from the pics below. I came across this amazing feature on Kotaku.

Here’s Rick Boer with some awesome and very talented cosplay.

Rick Boer 1 Rick Boer 2 Rick Boer 3 Rick Boer 4 Rick Boer 5

Omi Gibson with a stellar Raiden, Quiet and Meryl.

Omi Gibson 1 Omi Gibson 2 Omi Gibson 3 Omi Gibson 4 Omi Gibson 5

Angela Bermudez

Angela Bermudez 1 Angela Bermudez 2 Angela Bermudez 3 Angela Bermudez 4

And Masazi!

Masazi 1

Sniper character “Quiet” from The Phantom Pain

Kojima Productions have taken the covers off a character to be included in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain who they say will be too erotic to cosplay. The female character is called Quiet and the 3D motion capture responsibilities fell on the shoulders of Dutch model Stefanie Joosten.


The request to make the character too erotic to cosplay came from Hideo Kojima via a Twitter post: I’ve been ordering to Yoji to make the character more erotic, and he did it well. Recently I’ve been making characters this way. (cont) — HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN)September 4, 2013 and also, The character I asked Yoji to make it more erotic, this one may not be cosplayable. — HIDEO_KOJIMA (@HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN) September 4, 2013.

You can catch a video below of the 3D motion capture process along with some 3D render images.

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