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Welcome to the first J-Vlog update in this Japan trip for 2016! In this first update, it kicks off with us waiting for our flight to Japan at Melbourne Airport, some in-flight footage, landing at Narita and then some walking around our neighbourhood of Asakusa in search of some food and sweets! This one was a rush job as we’re completely tired from the flight but we hope you enjoy. And if you like what you see, please subscribe to the Japandaman YouTube channel to stay up to date.

Captain America/Iron Man Ramen Hits Japan

Looks like the latest entry into the MCU, Captain America: Civil War, is such a juggernaut of success that it’s spilled over into mainstream Japan as well. Ramen chain, Ippudo, teamed up with Marvel to release two special ramen bowls. One themed as Captain America and the other themed as Iron Man.

marvel ramen

They both look equally amazing and enticing so I guess the most important question is which are you? #TeamCaptainAmerica or #TeamIronMan

Ramen noodles done up, gourmet style

You know when you walk past restaurants and you see food all done up which just makes you more hungry? Well, Japanese site Livedoor News has revealed some secrets on their site as to some of the tricks that are used.

In fact, they highlighted how easy it is to spruce up the displays that they went ahead and just used some Cup Noodle. Employing the right angle, the correct lighting and food layout, they produced some expensive looking food that wouldn’t cost that much at all.

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