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Snorlax Has A 20 Year Old Secret

Nintendo have just released news of one of the biggest easter eggs in the Pokemon series of games to date. Check out this image of Snorlax in the first games for Japan, Pokemon Red & Green:

snorlax 1

It shows Snorlax lying flat on his back…asleep. However sharp eyed gamers might have realised that in the Pokedex, Snorlax isn’t always sleeping, in fact, here’s an image showing the various states Snorlax has been in as he gradually wakes up in Pokémon Gold and Silver (1999), Ruby and Sapphire (2002),Diamond and Pearl (2006), and Black and White (2010):

snorlax 2

Don’t take my word for it, here’s a video from Nintendo showing Pokémon Sun and Moon, watch out for Snorlax at the 1 minute mark:

Plus, it looks like he has an amazing new attack in the upcoming games!

snorlax 3

Pokemon Trainer Nendoroid Revealed

Good Smile Company have hinted at a future Pokemon nendoroid release. It isn’t an actual Pokemon but rather an Origins style Red Trainer which will be very exclusive and hard to get. If you want to get your mitts on this cute guy, you’ll have to buy it from the Pokemon store on Amazon.jp or in person at a Pokemon Centre in Japan.

trainer nendoroid

The figure will be available with three different faces, five hand parts, four different arm parts, Pokedex, Poke Ball, backpack and a Master Ball. May 24th sees the pre-orders kick off until June 29th and will retail for ¥4, 500. The figure itself will be launching on September 27th.

trainer nendoroid 2

Ex-AKB48 Idol Meets Up With Taylor Swift

Atsuko Maeda, formerly from Japanese girl group AKB48, recently met up with country/pop singer, Taylor Swift in Japan. The event took place on November 26 at Tokyo FM where Atsuko has a radio program called, Heart Songs of Atsuko Maeda. Taylor was in Japan during that time to promote her latest album, Red.

Maeda had this to say, “I love Tay the most in the world, I’m really glad that I have come to meet you. When I’m sad, I always listen to her songs and it gives me encouragement to always do my best”.

Maeda has always professed her admiration for Swift on air for quite a few years including at the launch of the Heart Songs program in 2010.

Maeda added, “Her music is so moving and she’s really cool and cute and pretty and just like a princess!!”

Atsuko left the powerhouse girl group of AKB48 back in August.

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Red 3DS XL Turns On The Charm In Japan

Famitsu recently ran a poll ahead of the launch of the 3DS XL to try to ascertain  what the public thought or were expecting about the revision to Nintendo’s runaway success handheld.

A large number of the respondents agreed that they would be picking up a 3DS XL at launch, the break down was that 29.4% said they would pick one up at some point after launch while 28.9% agreed that they would be early adopters and pick one up at launch. 24.3% said they had no interest in picking one up while 17.4% said they would wait until they had actually seen it before making up their minds.

Interestingly, 70% of the people who said they would get one at launch or at some point already own a 3DS.

The breakdown for most popular colour is as follows: the Red x Black variation is the most popular attracting 38.9% of the votes while White was next with 32.8% and bringing up the rear was Silver x Black with 28.3% popularity.

As far as pricing goes, 54.6% of people surveyed agreed that the price was right while shop owners that were part of the survey, a resounding 62.3% said the price was right on the money. Coming back to users, 27.4% said the price was too high compared with 24.5% of shop owners who also agreed that the price was maybe set a bit high.