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A Look At The Mini Famicom Controller

I recently ran a post about the mini Famicom releasing soon in Japan which comes preloaded with a load of original 8-bit retro titles. Today let’s take a look at the mini controller that comes with the unit.


Clearly it’s made for small hands but look how cute it is! Nintendo also posted some specs for the mini Famicom as well. At the bottom, the Katakana says that the controller isn’t included in the specs.


So it sounds like 9cm is what the mini controller measures in at while the original NES controller was approx. 3cm bigger.


Damn, that is some sexy packaging right there!


It’s tiny so admittedly it wouldn’t be comfortable for long time use but still, that is one cute controller!

Tokaigi Game Party Japan 2015

Makuhari Messe was host to a new convention a couple of weekends ago. The Tokaigi Game Party Japan 2015 ran from January 31 through to 1st of February and was formally known as the Nico Nico Tokaigi. The event was being promoted as a place to experience new games, enjoy retro titles, make friends offline and more importantly, claim bragging rights to being the best player of a game.


Spanning 3 halls, the convention saw many developers such as Nintendo, Sony and Square Enix have a presence and show off what they’ve been working on. The different booths saw players being able to enjoy such varied titles as Super Mario, Guilty Gear and Pokemon. The event wasn’t just about new titles with retro games given a workout as well. Playstation had a big historical section as well for a stroll down memory lane. This report appeared on AFA.

3DS To Receive Sega’s Retro Vampire Game

Sega have announced that they will be releasing Vampire: Master of Darkness for the Nintendo 3DS in which you’ll take on the role of psychologist, Dr. Ferdinand Social. The game is a re-release of an old Sega title originally released for the Game Gear and the Master System.

In the game you’ll be using an Ouija board to capture the most famous vampire of all, Dracula. You’ll also have a gun, bombs, a knife and what could be garlic bombs at your disposal to aid you in your quest.

From what we’re hearing, the game won’t be a cartridge release but rather a title for the Virtual Console section in the eShop. Catch ten minutes of gameplay below and see if it’s up your alley.