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Ridge Racer X Daytona Crossover

Sega and Namco Bandai have joined forces and brought two of the biggest racing franchises together for a unique experience. Namco Bandai will be offering the distinctive Daytona Hornet car as a download option for Ridge Racer on the PS Vita.

The car will be made available on June 6 for ¥250 while on the music front, a new track will also be up for purchase called “Ridge racer: Ridge Racer USA Mix”. That ditty will set you back a measly ¥150. Here’s a look at the project in motion.

Ridge Racer Itasha Coming To Vita

Namco Bandai have announced that fans of The Idolmaster and itasha will be pleased to hear that these two will be joining forces for Ridge Racer on Vita.

For those in the dark about itasha, this is the act of covering your car with decals from anime, manga or video game characters made popular in Japan where they a festival dedicated to this art.

There will be thirteen “EX Color” cars made available soon which are plastered with the Idolmaster girls and will sell for ¥500 each.

[AFG_gallery id=’66’]

Haruka and Makoto will be the first two girls featured for download on March 14 while Chihaya, Azusa and Yayoi will be made available on the 12th of April. During May, the other girls will each be able to be downloaded.

There will also be four Idolmaster music tracks during May each setting you back ¥150. ¥6,500 is what everything will set you back buying everything separately so taking this into account Namco Bandai will be offering an iM@S Pass costing ¥2,980, so it’s good value.

Below you’ll be able to see a few video promoting this crossover, enjoy.

Fiera x Haruka

Rauna x Makoto

Ridge Racer Download Content Info

Ridge Racer DLC Update

We recently posted an article about the lack of cars and courses that will ve available for Ridge Racer on the PS Vita at launch. Well Andriasang have posted an extremely extensive list showing the dates and the content that will be made available for download on that day and…did I mention that it was extensive?

December 22: Visual Demo Appli, Music Pack 1 R4#1 and Music Pack 2 R4#2. These are all free. The Visual Demo Appli is the playable demo that was shown at E3 2011. The music packs include music from R4.

January 12: Music Pack 3 Ridge Racer V #1, Music Pack 4 Ridge Racers #1 — Free (Ridge Racers is the name of the first PSP Ridge Racer game)

January 19: Music Pack 5 Ridge Racers #2 — Free

January 26: Music Pack 6 Ridge Racers #3 — Free

February 2: Music Pack 7 Ridge Racer 6 #1 — Free

February 9: Music Pack 8 Ridge Racer 6 #2 — Free

February 16: Ridge Racer Pass. Priced ¥1,600, this lets you purchase all the download content that will be released between February and May. Through February 29, this will be discounted to ¥1,000.

February 23: Car 1 Promessa, priced ¥250, and Course 1 Old Central, priced ¥400. These two will be free through February 29. Also due on the 23rd is Music Pack 10 Ridge Racer 7 #1, also free.

March 3: Cars 2 to 4, priced ¥250 each, and Course 2 and 3, priced ¥400 each. Music Pack 11 to 15, available for free. A “Medley” will also be released, priced ¥100.

April to May: Cars 5 to 8, priced ¥250 each, and Course 4 to 6 priced ¥400, Music Pack 16 to 19 free, and New Song Pack 2 and Medley 2 for ¥100 each.

So it looks like the music will be free, which isn’t really a selling point IMO and the cars will be charged?? The game is about racing and the main star of the game, the cars, aren’t free?? Not really happy about this as I love Ridge Racer but will probably make the move to Wipeout 2048, unless they start charging for the ships as well and only have two crafts available on day one.

Ridge Racer To Only Have Three Courses

Yep…you read that right. Ridge Racer on the PS Vita will be shipping with only 3 courses?? It gets better, the game will also be shipping with only 5 cars on offer to race with. This doesn’t sound too appetising or worthy of a launch title for the most powerful handheld console about to be released.

Namco Bandai are saying that the game will be having DLC options and more will be on offer for purchasers of the launch title so all is not lost but this is also why the game comes with a lower price than most other Vita launch titles. This is reason why the game will require a memory card to play the title, to accommodate the DLC.

Harborline 765, Highland Cliffs and Southbay Docks will be the courses on offer and will offer the usual backwards and mirror image courses to challenge yourself along with the standard course design. One of the reasons for the low price is Namco Bandai hope to entice more players to purchase the game and therefore build up the Planetary League mode that ships with the game.

The game has been confirmed at running at 30fps instead of the 60fps that some fans were wishing for but apparently the night courses have been reported as looking amazing thanks in no small part to the OLED screen that Sony have incorporated into the PS Vita.

New Ridge Racer Vita Promo Trailer

Namco Bandai released this new trailer onto the interwebs today to promote PS Vita launch title, Ridge Racer Vita and it looks simply amazing. The video shows something called The Planetary League which could be a you against the rest of the world section where you can compare race times and other scores, a heap of customisation options and the amazing tracks. Enough talking, feast your eyes on the gorgeous visuals below.

Team Play For Ridge Racer Vita

Namco today unveiled some news on Ridge Racer for the Vita. We knew that it was going to feature online play, nothing new there, but what they threw in today was that team battles are going to be possible on the racing franchise. Racers around the world will be able to split into four teams for daily “missions” where you’ll be able to build up your rep and your skills.

Based on your skill level will determine who you go up against in either ghost races or against real players, the skill level will be used to make sure that it’s a fair contest for everyone.

Ridge Racer is a launch title for the Vita and will be available on December 17 in Japan.

Katamari Damacy & Ridge Racer Receive Launch Discount

Namco has announced that Katamari Damacy for the PS Vita will be receiving a discounted price at launch to commemorate the occasion. The special price will only be available for the download version and not the standard retail, off the shelf, version. Speaking of the retail version, expect to fork out ¥4,980, for this one while the download version would normally cost ¥4,480. But for a strictly limited time, the download version will only cost ¥3,980 making it a great bargain.

Namco has also revealed that Ridge Racer will be getting a similar treatment with the shelf version costing ¥3,980 and download version costing ¥3,580 but a limited time, the download version will set you back ¥2,980.

Both these specials will run through until March 31st 2012.

Trailer below for Katamari Damacy on the Vita.