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The Robin Williams/Zelda Connection

Funny guy Robin Williams is a self confessed gaming addict in particular the gaming franchise, The Legend of Zelda, which he recalls playing on his NES. So it came as no surprise when his wife was pregnant with their second child call her Zelda seeing as how they’re “both pretty magical”. Father and daughter have been actively promoting the Ocarina of Time release on the Nintendo 3DS with a series of commercials that are predictably entertaining while promoting the game at the same time. The first commercial was well received and can be seen below.


Recently, as in the last 24 hours, Zelda revealed on her Twitter feed that there is in fact another commercial starring the two of them which is just as entertaining. The new commercial can be seen right here just below. They’re both pretty cool and funny and knowing that they’re both Zelda fanatics and video game fans is pretty cool as well 🙂