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Square Enix Teases Marvel Collab?

A very interesting teaser trailer hit the interwebs recently hinting at a possible collaboration between Square Enix and Marvel, of all people. This has got me personally salivating at the thought of an RPG with SE mechanics but set in the Marvel Universe with The Avengers. The other credits listed in the trailer are Crystal Dynamics who you may recall from Tomb Raider and PS1 classic game, Gex. Either way, this project is coming with no release date yet but you can bet that the #reassemble will start getting some exposure very quickly.

Review – Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE (Wii U)

Idols, J-Pop, Mirage Masters and Japanese locales, this game is on the fast track to becoming my favourite Wii U game so far. Let me tell you why.

Developer Atlus have crafted something really special in Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, splicing and skilfully blending two fan favourite series’ with Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem. The end result is something that shouldn’t work as well as it does but comes charging out of the gates and stands as a shining example to the dedicated team who know their stuff at Atlus.


The game revolves around evil entities known as Mirages and the people who can vanquish them, Mirage Masters. Humans with a Performa power harness this ability to use the good Mirages to battle against the evil Mirages. The beauty comes from having characters such as Tharja, Chrom and more from Fire Emblem to dish out the physical side of damage in battles. The Shin Megami Tensei element comes to the fore when your characters are using magic in battles.


The game features RPG elements in that after each battle, you can level up your character and abilities, although for the most part this plays out automatically without letting the player select which core abilities to upgrade. This is ok though as the characters maintain a nice balance throughout the adventure and never come across too overpowered.


Speaking of the battles, the battles play out in very Persona-like dungeon environments that are easy to navigate thanks to having a very handy map displayed on the Gamepad. The battles are fantastic and I found myself experimenting with different characters and their abilities in order to trigger the Session sequences. These sequences are basically where the fighters in your team jump into the fray after you attack, resulting in some very satisfying combos with some really cool animation scenes. There are some beautifully animated cut scenes as well, which help in giving the story a nice flow. They add a stunning anime style to the game as well.


And looking at the Gamepad, it’s also used to display text messages from other characters providing handy info and tips along the way. It also progresses the story along, adding a nice narrative element to the game. I’m around 10 hours into the game and thoroughly enjoying it. I’m a sucker for any game that faithfully recreates the streets and characteristics of Tokyo. I believe it really helps with the immersion into the game and also gives me nostalgic value when playing as well.


All in all, this game features some awesome character designs; beautiful anime cut scenes, stunning battles with well-choreographed animation. The soundtrack from the Avex Group is a standout with the composition being handled by Yoshiaki Fujisawa, previously responsible for Love Live!


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is a game that crafts an unforgettable experience with a couple of series’ that on their own are amazing and fun to play. Put them both in the same game and really, you couldn’t ask for more.

Thanks to Nintendo Australia for providing me with a copy to review and a copy for my recent giveaway as well.

Final score: 8/10


New Trailer For Tales Of Berseria

I’m excited about this next game which looks amazing with each new trailer release. This trailer is no different. Tales Of Berseria boasts a blend of 3D CG and animation and looks set to be something special when it releases for both PS4 and PC. This trailer features the track, “Burn” by FLOW in the background, it’s quite gorgeous.

Tales Of Berseria is from Bandai Namco and will be released in the West however it hasn’t been dated as yet.

Oppai Gaming Is A Thing On PS Vita

Hmm, wasn’t sure what to make of this next one. So basically, Genkai Tokki: Seven Pirates is an RPG for the PS Vita which you can order from Amazon Japan. In the game, you…massage the oppai of the on screen girls to generate a strong connection with them. It’s something very different which I haven’t seen before, if anyone out there has, I’d love to hear your comments here or on Facebook.

Here’s a trailer which might sway you to pick up the game. But keep in mind that this game has a less than zero chance of being released outside of Japan for the West.

The game releases August 4th, 2016.

Akiba’s Beat E3 Trailer

Remember Akiba’s Trip on console and handheld a few years ago? That game allowed you to roam the streets of Akihabara with stunning architecture accuracy with pretty much all stores present and accounted for. A new game has emerged from E3 called Akiba’s Beat which is a new RPG from Acquire.

The plot of the game revolves around 19-year-old NEET Asashi Tachibana in a groundhog day scenario where Sunday is on constant loop repeating itself. Have a look at the trailer below which shows some amazing visuals and interesting characters. The game is being developed for PS4 and PS Vita.


Persona 5 Website Opens

Persona is a hugely popular series all over the world and for good reason. Atlus have crafted an amazing RPG world and filled it with fantastic action and lovable characters. So it’s with anticipation that I recently saw the newly launched website for Persona 5. Not much is on there but the obligatory countdown clock, until launch or until the final website launches remains to be seen.


The game is due to hit Japan late 2016 with a release for the West as well, unfortunately no date on that as yet. They have announced that it’ll be released for both the PS3 the PS4 systems.

Final Fantasy Explorers…Much Want!

I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t get into the news much when it came to the newly released Final Fantasy Explorers for the 3DS. I actually thought it was a remake of a FF game from years back. I only started paying attention when my Facebook feed began to fill up with stories of friends getting the game before street date and also lamenting on how hard the game was to obtain in some stores.


So I figured I’d take a look at a few trailers…and I have to say that I’m quite shattered that I didn’t pre-order this game. It looks phenomenal and blew me away! If like me, you’ve been in the dark, have a look at the trailer below. Co-op local multiplayer, online multiplayer, in depth character design, huge monsters…seems like it has it all.

TGS 2015: Tokyo Xanadu Update

Anyone waiting for new on the PS Vita title, Tokyo Xanadu, need look no further than Tokyo Game Show. Falcom has recently revealed some plans they have for the RPG at next month’s Tokyo Game Show. First off, the game will playable on the floor and anyone who plays it will be walking away with an A4 clearfile as freebie swag, there’s a special “Tachikawa x Xanadu” magazine which will be given away at their booth. SPiKA is an idol girl group that features in the game, Falcom has brought together five schoolgirls who will be performing “Seize the Day” which is the theme song for the game.


Merchandise will also be on offer with CD singles of “Seize the Day” being sold along with some Tokyo Xanadu related merch.