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Review: One Punch Man (Blu Ray)

One Punch Man is an absolute gem of a series filled with interesting characters, funny moments, beautifully choreographed fight scenes and a dollop on stunning animation. For those of you that have still to discover this series, I’ll give you a breakdown below and why you need to get into this!


The anime revolves around Saitama, the titular superhero character who has the ability to defeat foes with a single punch. This all comes in very handy as he lives in Z-City, a metropolis that is completely saturated with super villains and monsters as well. We soon learn that he gained his abilities by sticking to a strict regimen of a 10km run, doing 100 pushups, 100 squats, 100 sit ups and also by having a healthy diet. And also by doing all this without using a heater or air conditioner.

He’s quite bored and complacent with this however as life no longer presents him with any challenges but things take a turn for the better when he meets and befriends Genos. Genos is a teenage cyborg who looks up to Saitama as his senpai and the two develop a close bond and friendship.

As the series unfolds, we see that Genos’ family had an encounter with a cyborg which changed him forever. In this encounter, Genos was pretty much destroyed until a scientist, Dr. Kuseno, took him in and restored his cyborg body also granting him powerful and deadly abilities to seek revenge on the cyborg that altered his family.

All this plays into Saitama joining the Hero Association to be recognised for his efforts in the fight against the evil of Z-City.

OPM is a fun series that never takes itself too seriously and is loaded with many laughs along the way. So if you like your anime with a blend of action, laughs and drama, give One Punch Man a look. You’ll definitely be entertained.

Final score: 8.5/10

*Thanks to Madman for the review copy*

One-Punch Man Season 2 Confirmed

Awesome news for fans of Saitama, Genos and more from hit anime, One-Punch Man, with the recent news that there will be a second season coming out.

No news about when we can expect to see anything new but the news came out from a recent event in Japan where theme song writers, JAM PROJECT, were in attendance along with cast regulars Kaito Ishikawa, Yuki Kaji, Aoi Yuuki, Saori Hayami, and Saitama’s bad ass self, Makoto Furukawa.

Otaku Dating Event Leads To Marriage

While being an Otaku can be time and energy consuming, this doesn’t always leave time to pursue other interests such as finding a partner with similar passions as yourself. Now Washimiya located at Saitama, Japan has a solution in the form of Otaku dating events, known as “Ota-Konkatsu”.

“Konkatsu” can be translated as “activities to find a partner for marriage” seeing as how “Kon” is an abbreviated form of “Kekkon (marriage)” while “Katsu” is translated as “Katsudou (activity)”. When this activity is specifically aimed at Otakus, we have “Ota-Konkatsu”.

Washimiya is known as a sacred place for fans of Lucky Star since the Takamiya Shrine as seen in the show used Washimiya Shrine as a reference. Using this to their advantage, the Washimiya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Division started to hold these “Ota-Konkatsu” events for single Otakus, beginning in 2010 and also to help bring life back to the area. In the past, they’ve held cosplay dating parties, anime themed karoke song events and even a role-playing party.

otaku wedding

A regular date in Japan has about a 20% success rate however at these get togethers, the success rate is much higher, up around the 50% mark. But even more importantly, a couple recently celebrated being married resulting from getting together at a “Ota-Konkatsu”. The couple in question met in 2011 and were married in 2012 but having very little funds weren’t planning on having a full blown wedding. Upon hearing this, the Washimiya Chamber of Commerce and Industry Youth Division offered them a Shinto wedding at the Washimiya Shrine.

The ceremony even had a special message from Lucky Star voice actor, Fukuhara Kaori, who supplies the voice of Hiiragi Tsukasa as well as a bonus illustration board from Yoshimizu Kagami, the author of Lucky Star.