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Samurai Captain America

Now this I’m really excited for! It’s the latest figure from Bandai in their Manga Reimagined series. They previously released both Spider-Man and Iron Man and now the newest figure to receive the samurai treatment is Captain America. I previously bought both superheroes in the series and I can’t wait for Cap to be released. It’s a bit of wait with the figure not shipping until January but I’ll definitely be putting my pre-order in ASAP! He’ll look great next to Iron Man and Spidey! Not sure of what to expect? Have a look at the gallery below.

The figure stands 6.9 inches tall and carries a price tag of ¥9, 504. More info here from the Bandai online store.

Samurai Spider-Man From Bandai and Tamashii Nations

It’s over, I’m dead. I want this so bad and I haven’t even seen the price yet. Bandai and Tamashii Nation have a hugely popular line of figures depicting pop culture characters as samurai. And the latest addition to their growing range is the webhead himself, Spider-Man. Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I’m a HUGE Spidey fan so this immediately caught my eye!

samurai spidey 1

The team did an outstanding task last year of converting Star Wars characters to samurai so you should check those out too. This new Samurai Spider-Man is part of their new Manga Realisation line with modeller, Takayuki Takeya from Bandai, performing duties on the Star Wars figures as well. The figure has multiple accessories and body parts resulting is some pretty cool poses for photo opportunities and displaying purposes.

samurai spidey 2

The figure has a beautiful web design culminating in the Spider logo across the breastplate as well as the inclusion of “spider silk.”

samurai spidey 3

He’s a decent size too standing at 18cm or 7″ and comes bundled with the tantō short-blade in front and the long-bladed katana which rests behind him.

samurai spidey 4

On top of all that badassery he comes with, the makers have also thrown in a grappling hook and chain for the full ninja treatment.

samurai spidey 5

samurai spidey 6

Thrown in three interchangeable hands for various web shooting poses and you’ve got one quality figure!

samurai spidey 7

samurai spidey 8

And now the best part, available to buy from today, this gorgeous figure will set you back ¥9,504 or around $US87.50…yep, I’ll be looking into this one for sure!!

samurai spidey 9

Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo” Anime Trailer

Here’s a trailer for a new anime that not a lot of English speaking Otakus may know about but should be checked out nonetheless.

Joujuu Senjin!! Mushibugyo boasts an interesting cast and director to go along with it. The show will be hitting Japan televisions in Spring but you can catch a glimpse of it on the Shonen Sunday YouTube channel or just below. The show is from Takayuki Hamana who also brought us Beast Player Erin and Prince of Tennis and Seven Arcs are doing the adaptation of the fantasy samurai manga from Hiroshi Fukuda.

Director: Takayuki Hamana

Series composition: Yoichi Kato

Character designer: Yoshimitsu Yamashita

Chief animation director: Akiharu Ishiii

Insect design, Insect animation director: Hiroyasu Oda

Art director: Toshiko Kaizu

Opening theme: Gagaga SP (Naruto)

End theme: Iris

Production: Seven Arcs

Tsukishima Jinbee – KENN (Hunter x Hunter‘s Phinks)

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