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Hello Kitty And Friends X Rozen Maiden

Rozen Maiden has its 15th anniversary coming up (already?!) and to mark the event, they’ve joined forces with Sanrio to put out a really cute clear file which is being distributed by Ultra Jump magazine. It looks a little something like this:

Not sure who’s on the clear file, here’s a breakdown:

  1. Kuromi as Suiginto
  2. Pompompurin as Kanaria
  3. Little Twin Stars as Suiseiseki (Desu!) and Souseiseki
  4. Hello Kitty as Shinku
  5. My Melody as Hinaichigo
  6. Cinnamoroll as Kirakisho

Ultra Jump magazine will also have Rozen Maiden 0 on its front cover for the September edition.

Nintendo x Sanrio Hello Kitty 3DS

I’m very late on this one but I thought it was still worth writing about because it’s so damn cute! Here’s an awesome new collaboration between Nintendo and makers of Hello Kitty, Sanrio. This stunningly cute 3DS looks set to release in Japan (of course) on November 28, 2015.

hk 3ds

The amazing piece of hardware will set you back ¥17,000, that nabs you the Hello Kitty 3DS model, cover faceplates with custom art, charger, 4GB memory card and Hello Kitty software pre-installed. If you already have a new 3DS, you can pick up the Hello Kitty faceplates for ¥2,000.

Source: Crunchyroll

Sanrio x Evangelion Update

We reported a while ago that Sanrio from Hello Kitty fame was teaming up with cult classic anime, Evangelion and producing some interesting products. Oh, did we mention that they’re extremely kawaii as well?

eva sanrio t

The new line of smartphone cases will start to appear in stores in April 2014 and is part of the “Eva Micro Macro”. T shirts have already previously been released as well.

eva sanrio

Next coming out, there will be Evangelion puzzles with adorable and cute characters.

eva sanrio p

eva sanrio 2

eva sanrio 1

The puzzles will be hitting the street in March 2014.

Sanrio Character Elections Get Ready For 2013

Every year around this time, Sanrio hold their annual election to determine who is the favourite character out of Hello Kitty and company.

sanrio ranking

The characters will all be making their presentation speech at the Nico Nico Kaigi event which will take place between April 27-28th right before the launch of the poll opening on May 1st. To give the proceeding a start, Endo Generation, a co-ed group known for doing covers of Girls’ Generation songs, performed a dance routine.

sanrio ranking 2

Sonic Hello Kitty Is Born

Hello Kitty’s parent company, Sanrio, has teamed up with Sega to produce one of the cutest collaborations ever seen. What you see below is the first fruit of their labour, Sonic Hello Kitty, cute no? There are actually a few of these planned between these two giants and this Sonic x Hello Kitty Super Jumbo Plushy will be available in late July.

The plushy will be available at Sega’s amusement facilities which can be found all across Japan and the reason for this in the first place is to commemorate the opening of Sega’s Tokyo Joyopolis facility on July 14.

Sega has also gone on record stating that this new temporary partnership will run worldwide starting in the Summer of 2013.

Sonic Hello Kitty get!

Tour Of The Hello Kitty Jet Plane

Taiwan’s EVA airlines has produced an amazing commercial airliner completely themed and decked out with a Hello Kitty flavour. Not just one but three jets with different feelings of love to spread, first there’s the ‘Apple Jet’ which shows off Kitty’s love of all things fruity and gets around Seoul and Fukuoka. The ‘Magic Jet’ shares the message of love couple with friendship and makes Sapporo and Guam home. And lastly, the ‘World Jet’ is all about the earth coming together and services Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Have a flick through the gallery below, it’s too much cuteness!

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