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TGS 2015: YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World Remake

Exciting news coming out of TGS HQ with the reveal that YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love at the Bound of this World will be receiving a remake. This was confirmed by the developer, Mages, while more info will be updated on their official site in the coming days.

yu no

On top of the news, they’ve also revealed some character illustrations of Amanda, Yu-no, God Empress, Kaori Asakura, Sayless, Aichli:kkwadrou plus more on their site so make sure you check it out. We don’t know what platforms the game will be made for but we’ll let you know if there’s any update at TGS!

Sega Hard Girls Appear In Smartphone Game

The Sega Hard Girls are 2D girls versions of Sega consoles from yesteryear. From the Dreamcast through to the MegaDrive (Genesis). Now they’re going to be making an appearance as chips in a smartphone game.

sega hard girls


The game in question is Phantasy Star Online 2 ES. The chips will be used in game to give the player various bonuses. The specific girls making a show will be the MegaDrive, Sega Saturn and the Dreamcast. The girls will have the ability to evolve into a “Tower” version so the MegaDrive can combine the Mega-CD and Super 32X, for example.

sega hard girls 2

This offer is time limited and will expire on March 4th, 2015 so if you have access to this game, make sure you don’t miss out. Check the Hard Girls site for more info.

Sega Hard Girls Bring Retro Sega Consoles Back

There’s many Sega fans out there either for the amazing software they produced, the addictive gameplay found in their consoles or both. There are many fond memories of the Mega Drive (Genesis), Master System, Game Gear and, my personal favourite, the Dreamcast.

Sega Hard Girls

So it’s with great anticipation that I hear about an anime series being produced called Sega Hard Girls which features these old school consoles as girls who will be cast as kawaii versions of the retro systems.

There is a Twitter account but information is extremely tight at the moment with no air date or much information. But being fans of this exciting project, we’ll keep you posted.