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New Screenshots – The iDOLM@STER 2 (PS3) Part 1

An entire smattering of new images released today for upcoming idol simulator on PS3, The iDOLM@STER 2. So big in fact that I’ve had to break it up into lots of 30. That’s right, 60 new images of the idols, the menus and maybe even of Miku san herself?

Enjoy the first lot of 30 below, the second group will be up later in the day.




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New Screenshots For Monster Hunter 3G (3DS)

Capcom have released an entire swag of new screenshots for upcoming monster title, Monster Hunter 3G, for the Nintendo 3DS. Have a look especially at the high res shots of the monsters, they look amazing! This game will be a system seller for the 3DS and you can already hear the stampede of people in Japan who will snap up this title in an extremely popular franchise for Japan. Enjoy the pics 🙂

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Kingdom Hearts 3D New Screenshots (3DS)

A whole batch of new images released by Famitsu.com for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS.





First up we have Sora and Riku together with the Hunchback of Notre Dame in a new world as well as returning worlds having new areas.

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Next we have the Dream Eaters who will be able to help you out in battles by chaining combos together. Dream Eaters are also split into two different types being “Spirit” and “Nightmare” types. The Spirit Dream Eaters will be your allies and help you out, the Nightmare types will be your enemies.

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Bold actions are something that both Sora and Riku will use in the game broken down into two systems. The first system is Free Flow Actions which will utilise walls and poles in the game environment. One example is the Kick Dive which is performed after kicking off a wall and then slamming into the ground causing damage to a foe. Turn Cutter is another one where you can swing around a pole using the Keyblade to create havoc in the environment.

Next is the Reality Shift which is activated when you see a special marker on an enemy prompting you to hit both the X and A buttons together. The gameplay will pause as Sora or Riku disappear from the top screen and reappear on the bottom screen. In this different state, you can achieve new moves such as the slingshot by Sora as seen below.

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The ever popular Traverse Town is back with two new areas and it’s also the area where you come across special guest star, Neku from The World Ends With You, another sublime Square Enix title for the Nintendo DS.

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More FF Type-0 Characters Revealed

Square Enix have released some information regarding the upcoming installment in the Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy Type-0, this time revolving around some of the characters you can expect to find in the game. The following information is from Famitsu.com.

Diva (ディーヴァ)

Diva will be voiced by the same voice actress who brought life to Lightning and Aya Brea from The 3rd Birthday, Maya Sakamoto. She will be the narrator for the story.

Caetuna (セツナ)

Hailing from the home country of Suzaku, this character is of l’Cie descent and will be voiced by Marina Inoue. Legend has tells that her magic is so powerful that she can summon various creatures. She also has the distinction of being the oldest l’Cie in the game world.

Ninbus (ニンブス)

Another l’Cie although coming from the invading  Byakko, this one voiced by Junichi Suwabe. His sole purpose is to bring the prophecy true from the Byakko Crystal.

Enkido (エンキドゥ)

Hiroshi Shirokuma brings life to this l’Cie from Genbu who has served with Gilgamesh, another l’Cie, since childhood.

Aria (アリア)

Aria is an orderly in your class-o who can be seen selling items. Voiced by Ai Nanoka.

Naghi (ナギ)

Belonging to the Intelligence Division who calls himself “Everyone’s Idol”, Naghi passes himself off as a cheerful student and is voiced by Shoutaro Morikubo.

Carla (カルラ)

Aya Hirano provides the voice to this character who will sell information and goods to you.