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McDonalds’ Honey Lemon Shakes

Hmm, just the title alone makes my mouth water. In yet another bit of news that makes me envy McDonalds’ Japan comes an amazing new flavour of shakes. They’ve recently started a new line of treats called By McSweets and the first product to roll are Honey Lemon shakes. And before you ask, no they don’t taste like Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6.
honey lemon shake

The shake itself draws flavour from the hachimitsu lemon, a flavour of beverage that is already quite popular with the Japanese locals. And the best part is, it’s made with natural ingredients all grown locally in Japan.

honey lemon shake2

They went on sale on February 23rd 2016 so if you’re going to Japan or are there already, you have until late March. After that, they’re all gone.

McDonald’s Japan Introduces New Shake Flavour

Just in time for the sweltering Autumn season that Japan is well known for is this tasty new treat from McDonald’s Japan. It’s a Purple Sweet Potato McShake and yes, it really is purple. The shake landed in Japan today and will be around until the end of October. A small sized shake will set you back ¥100 while the medium sized one is only ¥195 so very affordable and cheap indeed!