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New Shining Resonance Edition Details

We ran a popular story recently about the upcoming release of Shining Resonance for the PS3. Today we came across some tidbits of information regarding the different release editions of the game. You can expect to pay ¥8, 222 for the regular version while ¥16, 800 will net you the limited edition. What do you get for the extra yen though? Glad you asked.


This is the adorable looking PVC figure that comes with limited edition that measures a 26cm tall figure of Kilika while a included code will give you access to the swimsuit she’s wearing.

Who’s queuing up to buy one now?

First Peek At Shining Resonance

Here’s another awesome RPG receiving a welcome media update, Shining Resonance for the Playstation 3. The information was recently uploaded online by Japanese publication, Famitsu. Here’s a story outline that was posted.

In an ancient continent, a land of God known as “Alfheim” exists.

A long time has passed since the dragons who were once powerful in this world perished. Its souls were crystallized and scattered about the world.

However, a dragon survived. And its name is “Kouryuu Irvan.” Seeking the power of the lost dragon, the Imperial Army and Church powers, and now a “Dragon Slayer” who intends to harm the dragon, have begun to stir.

The one who saved the dragon from their clutches was a single “young girl.” And before long, warriors known as “Dragon Instrumentalists” began to gather under the dragon. The dragon recalled a childhood memory of a “young girl” who saved him when he was injured. It was a reunion of fate.

A beautiful and painful story about the girl and the dragon will be told.

The game will be employing a real time battle system as well as having a dragon in your party which sounds awesome. The main protagonist is Kouryuu Irvan, a surviving shining dragon who becomes a target due to the power contained within it.

Shining-Resonance dragon

The kingdom of Astoria has a Sonia Blanche, a “lightning princess” who is leading a battle for the country’s revival.

Shining-Resonance sonia blanche

There isn’t a release date for the game yet as it’s still in development but we’ll keep you updated.