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Skies Of Arcadia Dreamcast

Any diehard Sega fan will absolutely love the Dreamcast console and undoubtedly one of the best games to be released for the system was the JRPG, Skies Of Arcadia. Vadu Amka, a Belgian graphic artist, clearly felt the same way as he showed off this Skies Of Arcadia inspired Dreamcast he modded.

He explained how he went about it below.

I used lime wood I previously cut with a rotating cutter (called a dremel) for the hood. All the wood’s imperfections were first resealed with some light color wood paste, then sanded stained with mahogany stain. After that, I painted it with a blue and gray color before sanding it one more time to give it a more degraded and aged look. I waxed the hood and made it waterproof. I put inside a small grid, oxidizing it with ocher pigment called « natural earth shade » (synthetic iron oxyde). All the rest is an optical illusion made from several black and brown juices. What seems to be metal ring is, in fact, a leather band treated and painted with oxyde paint. I used the same pattern for the gamepads slots. I finally reproduced the logo with plexiglass and remolded it with some 2-component silicone slim before molding it in resin and painting it.

Skies OF Arcadia Figure Drops The Jaw

Japandaman’s favourite all time home console is the Sega Dreamcast and one of the best games on the system that was ahead of its time is Skies of Arcadia. The inventive and adventurous RPG from Overworks proved to be a huge favourite with fans so it’s with bated breath that I came across this figure.

skies of arcadia

This is a stunning figure of Vyse, the lead protagonist of the game which is being distributed by First 4 Figures on their website. It isn’t cheap at $219.99 but it looks unbelievable.

Vyse figure

This is just one picture but for more information and pics, head on over to the site for everything.