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Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 HD Edition For PS Vita Trailer

Some new information has just come to hand regarding the imminent release of Metal Gear Solid 2 & 3 HD Edition for the Sony PS Vita. Hitting Japan on June 28, this re-imaging sees new features exclusive to the Vita platform, features that utilise the touch screen in innovative ways.

Check out the video below which shows off some amazing footage from the game and also shows the unique ways that you can drag on the screen to interact with the game, pretty sweet. Dragging to select items and peer stealthily around corner, brilliant also now with integrated trophy support.

I can’t do this title enough as a MGS fanboy, roll the tape.

Kojima Busy At TGS

Twitter user, Hideo Kojima, has been busy on the first day at the Tokyo Game Show. Here are a few snaps that he’s aready posted from the going ons at Makuhari Messe where TGS is running in full swing.

Metal Gear Solid booth at TGS where lucky gamers get to try Snake Eater on the Nintendo 3DS


Square Enix shop at TGS


A sampling of the Sony PS Vita colour possibilities at TGS

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MGS 3D Details Shown By Kojima

Metal Gear Solid creator, Hideo Kojima, recently tweeted some pics of the camouflage system for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid Sake Eater game on the Nintendo 3DS. Very handy use of the onboard camera to take a pic of your surroundings and then wrap Snake in camo using the texture from the pic as a foundation. The pic below showcases this where Kojima has taken a pic of a BIC camera bag and is using that as camo, pretty nifty 🙂


And as a bonus, in the shot below, we catch a glimpse of the controls on the lower touchscreen showing what appears to be an inventory selection screen but it is hard to tell 🙁


And in the below pic, we can see where Kojima has taken a pic of aTower Records bag and is using that as camo, the possibilities are endless!


And even using a Kojima Productions business card as camo…ingenious!

Probably even better though is that you can make out the detail in this pic of the touchscreen controls. We can clearly see what appears to be the Photo Cams folder. Maybe you’ll be able to hold a few camo changes in your arsenal to change as you like? There should be more info on this one come TGS.