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Unboxing: Snorlax Plush Beanbag

Here’s the unboxing (unwrapping?) of the Snorlax beanbag which is so cute, comfortable and ridiculously cute that I can forgive the price. It’s actually really fit for purpose and doesn’t just look nice, he’s actually really comfortable and I love sitting in this oversized beanbang. If you’re sitting on the fence and unsure of whether to get one or not, you definitely should!

Snorlax Has A 20 Year Old Secret

Nintendo have just released news of one of the biggest easter eggs in the Pokemon series of games to date. Check out this image of Snorlax in the first games for Japan, Pokemon Red & Green:

snorlax 1

It shows Snorlax lying flat on his back…asleep. However sharp eyed gamers might have realised that in the Pokedex, Snorlax isn’t always sleeping, in fact, here’s an image showing the various states Snorlax has been in as he gradually wakes up in Pokémon Gold and Silver (1999), Ruby and Sapphire (2002),Diamond and Pearl (2006), and Black and White (2010):

snorlax 2

Don’t take my word for it, here’s a video from Nintendo showing Pokémon Sun and Moon, watch out for Snorlax at the 1 minute mark:

Plus, it looks like he has an amazing new attack in the upcoming games!

snorlax 3

The Snorlax Bean Bag Chair Is Real

A few days ago, I heard whisperings of a Snorlax bean bag being worked on, courtesy of Think Geek. I thought surely not due to licensing issues but today, it’s a reality!! And it looks amazing!!

snorlax bean bag1

It’s around 60cm wide so it’s quite cushy and will definitely help you fall asleep much like the expression on his face. How cute is it??

snorlax bean bag2

It still is pending approval as you can see from the image above but they’ve started taking pre-orders and will start shipping in December 2016. At the moment, they’re only shipping to the USA and Canada but maybe you can get a friend to send it over to you?

If you want to check it out, here’s the link. It’ll set you back $149.99 with a $10 heavy item surcharge.