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Super Sonico 3DS Delayed For Japan

Fans of Super Sonico waiting for the release of the 3DS game will be disappointed to hear that the game has been delayed. The game, SoniPro, doesn’t have a new release date only sometime in 2014 is all that we know. However the good news is that the delay has allowed developer Imageepoch to announce that the game will have first print run copies come bundled with a special bonus.


SoniPro will now be coming with SoniPro Special Song CD which comes with the tracks Game,” “Spaceship,” “Surreal,” “Wonderin’ Night,” “Paradise Summer,” “Dream Again,” “Run Hi,” “Music Fighter,” and “Namida.” Now that’s something worth waiting for.

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Japanese Date For SoniPro

The Nintendo 3DS has a new idol simulation game coming out for it featuring everyone’a latest favourite singing idol, Super Sonico. The game is called SoniPro and is being put together by Imageepoch, due out in Japan on the 29th of May, 2014.


The game will retail for ¥5, 980 while a PS3 version called Motto! SoniComi  will hit Japan March 20th. You can get your first look at the 3DS version below.