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Review: Soul Calibur V OST

Before I start this, I just want to preface it by saying that I’ve never reviewed music of this kind before so bear with me if I start to ramble on ūüôā

Soul Calibur is game series with deep roots and a rich heritage, starting from Soul Edge in the arcades before being ported to the Playstation, right up to the latest incarnation in the series, Soul Calibur V. One thing that has remained a constant throughout the series has been the in-game music, or the soundtrack. But it’s in SC V that the music has really come into its own, thanks to the involvement and contributions of some of the heavyweights of the music world.


This soundtrack is literally a who’s who of the music scene with¬†Junichi Nakatsuru (Soul series),¬†Hiroki Kikuta (Secret of Mana),¬†Tomoki Miyoshi,¬†Andrew Aversa,¬†Cris Velasco (God of War series),¬†Inon Zur (Prince of Persia),¬†Jillian Aversa,¬†Eminence Symphony Orchestra,¬†Hiroaki Yura plus loads more taking part in the production, composition and/or performing of the pieces. The soundtrack is spread out on three discs with the first two discs containing themes for each character in the game totalling 28 in all with some amazing highlights coming to mind. In particular¬†Samsara: The Wheel of Eternity (Kilik’s Theme),¬†The Invincible Blade (Mitsurugi’s Theme) and¬†Venice Rooftops (SCV mix) (Ezio Auditore’s Theme).¬†This is not to take anything away from the other tracks as all the themes are absolutely exquisite conveying drama and the emotion behind the character. The instrument sections themselves from the strings to brass and percussions are at their best and show the experience and professionalism of the musicians.

The third disc is made up of the music that is played out during the battles and in-game cinematics which are breathtaking and a joy to listen to. Some highlights for me were¬†Home is Faraway with its sweeping sounds that take you away, Holy Requisition with beautiful choral arrangement and, the last three tracks of disc three deserve a special mention. These being The Last Wish, The Siblings’ Destiny and the amazingly sublime, The Breeze at Dawn. Jillian Aversa’s stunning ethereal vocals are laid out over an amazing composition that brings together string, brass, percussion with an amazing vocal arrangement. This track really gets me¬†every time. Jillian is a standout on this track.

The soundtrack comes spread out across three discs in a gorgeous box with an¬†impressive¬†booklet containing previously unseen artwork and a credits list while the three cd’s come bundled in two attractive cases. This soundtrack is nothing short of amazing for the fan and for someone just getting into the world of gaming music, this is a package that will whet the appetite and leave you wanting more.

Don’t wait any longer, hunt this soundtrack down and get it into your player. This recording is a testament to CIA, the Eminence Symphony Orchestra, Project Soul and everyone else who was involved. A world-class piece of music.

[starreview tpl=16] Absolutely amazing soundtrack that will transport you to new levels.

Soul Calibur V Dated

Soul Calibur V has just been announced as having a release date of February 2nd for both Xbox 360 and PS3 in Japan. Early adopters will also receive a first run bonus consisting of free DLC, Dampierre as a complete playable character and dark knight/white knight creation parts to put together and customise your own fighter with. Some cover art work with amazing visuals below.

[AFG_gallery id=’35’]

Ezio In Soul Calibur V

Just confirming a recent rumour regarding Soul Calibur and the appearance of the mysterious assassin, Ezio from Assassin’s Creed fame. Namco have revealed that Ezio will indeed be a playable character in the next upcoming installment which is great news for the loyal AC fanbase. Ezio is a much loved character who will bring even more depth to the Soul Calibur universe.

For a glimpse at what the man can, check out the clip below of Ezio in action, the clip also shows off some beautiful lush stage scenery.

New Trailer For Soul Calibur V

New trailer released today at the Gamescom event in Germany of fantastic gameplay footage from Soul Calibur V. The trailer features old favourites such as Voldo and Ivy plus other characters like Hilde, Maxi and Tira. The trailer is incredible but I’m still reeling from the news that Hiroaki Yura will be the Music Supervisor for the Namco Bandai brawler. This game is going to look amazing plus the music stands to be better than before! Check the trailer below for the footage.

SC V Names Music Supervisor

Exciting news today from Japan regarding a hugely popular fighting franchise that just received a welcome coup. Music fans and soundtrack Otakus will be pleased to hear that Hiroaki Yura has been named the Music Supervisor of Namco’s upcoming fighter, Soul Calibur V. Hiroaki is no stranger to the music scene, being a violin virtuoso and the Director/Founder of the highly regarded Eminence Symphony Orchestra. Eminence have scored a large number of animes and games ranging from Xenoblade on the Nintendo Wii, to the extremely popular, “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” anime. Eminence are also well known for their sellout series of concerts entitled, “A Night in Fantasia” where they recreate the scores from various animes and video games projecting images from the material onto a massive screen that plays behind them. I have been fortunate enough to attend a couple of the ANIF concerts around Australia and let me tell you, they are nothing short of spectacular.

Earlier today I asked Hiroaki Yura to comment on this amazing opportunity:

“I feel very honoured to be a part of the Project Soul team. As Music Supervisor, I will be looking into how I can best continue and improve the 16 years of tradition that the Sound Director, Mr Junichi Nakatsuru has built within the team. Please look forward to our work!” Hiroaki Yura

Knowing that someone of the calibre of Hiroaki Yura will be overseeing the music, almost makes the wait for Soul Calibur V¬†even more excruciating! Have a look at the Soul Calibur V teaser trailer below which was shown at the recent Comic-Con. Now picture that action with Yura san’s brand of music behind it…awesome!


And for the uninitiated, a clip below of the Eminence Symphony Orchestra performing a sublime mix of the Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 score from a few years back.


Japandaman, Hiroaki and Laucha at the Imagine offices, Tokyo, Japan 2010.