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News on new Soul Sacrifice DLC

Some pretty cool news coming out of Japan regarding new DLC for PS Vita game, Soul Sacrifice. Soul Sacrifice will be having a cross-over with another fantasy title, Phantasy Star Online 2.

The cross-over has been confirmed by both Sony and Sega and will consist of PSO costumes being made available as free DLC for your Soul Sacrifice characters.

Here’s a look at what you can expect. Pretty cool we think!


Soul Sacrifice Demo Hits Up The PS Vita Next Week

Great news for PS Vita owners with the announcement that a Soul Sacrifice will be coming to PSN next week. Soul Sacrifice is a Vita exclusive Keiji Inafune who recently took some time out with Sony to talk about the game. You can catch the first part below.

The game will hit stores in North America on April 30 while the demo will be available from April 16. As well as those news, people who pre-order the title will be receiving two exclusive costumes, three exclusive Mage offerings with the Japanese voice over pack thrown in. The voice over pack will not be free afterwards so a pre-order seems like a great idea.

Keiji Inafune Drops Hints About A TGS Surprise

Via his blog called Inaf**king blog, Keiji Inafune has revealed that he is planning something special for this year’s Tokyo Game Show. He also mentioned that TGS will see the world premiere of “Soul Sacrifice” for the PS Vita and it will be playable as well.

The game will be hosted in Sony’s booth where he will taking part in stage events and also be doing interviews. Inafune also mentioned that “Soul Sacrifice” will be playable on a large number of kiosks in the booth ensuring everyone will have a turn at this eagerly anticipated game. He will also be taking feedback and criticisms from gamers which he’ll take on board for the development of the game.

As a last tease, Keiji mentioned that there might be a surprise outside of “Soul Sacrifice” that is Inafune-related.

Soul Sacrifice For PS Vita

The pages of Famitsu have revealed the new upcoming for the PS Vita. Soul Sacrifice has had a multi page advertisement printed which is unusual seeing as how they normally only run single page ads.

The ad has some poetic text in the middle which translates to something long the lines of, “The action game that shakes your soul, the beat begins now.”

Sounds pretty dramatic, no? The text on the left mentions that the title promises to be something new and unseen as yet for the PS Vita.

If this has your curiosity piqued and you want to see more, then head on over to Andriasang to get the lowdown.