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Splatoon Girl DX Edition Figma Revealed

If you’re a fan of figmas and Splatoon then this next release should sort you out nicely. Recently revealed, it’s the latest offering from Max Factor, a Splatoon Inkling DX figma which looks great with some really nice detail shown off.

The announcement was made during the One Hobby Gallery 2018 SPRING event which was recently held in Japan. Unfortunately no release date or price but even at this early stage, she’s looking fantastic and so cute!

Nintendo Switch Revealed

Nintendo had a big night last night finally revealing the covers off of their next home console. Known for the longest time as the “NX”, we now know that it’s called the “Nintendo Switch” and it looks very interesting.

There seems to be a couple of different control methods consisting of a controller that has two ends that slide off and slide into the tablet console itself. This then enables you to take it with you and play on the game for literally a console on the go experience. You can then play it as a traditional handheld or prop the tablet up with a handy kickstand on the back, slide the two ends off and have one in each hand.

There also appears to be a more standard looking controller much like the Wii U had the Wii U Pro controller for when you didn’t want to use the tablet as a controller. The games they showed in the clip looked very cool as well. Zelda, Mario Kart, Splatoon and a basketball all looked really vibrant with nice visuals. The end of the video mentions a March 2017 release date which isn’t that far away at all. I’m pretty much sold already, it looks amazing!!

Nintendo Stickers For LINE App

If any readers use the LINE messaging app and also Nintendo fans, then these are the news you’ve been waiting for! Nintendo have previously released stickers for the app featuring Animal Crossing, Splatoon, Pokemon and now a classic game has joined the fray with a set of Super Mario stickers selling on the app for $1.99. Cheap as!!

Line logo

The app is available on both iOS and Android. Seeing as how we’re Android users, here’s a link to the Google Play Store so you can grab the app.

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