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Square Enix Confirm FFVII Remake Will Be Episodic

There’s been rumours and speculation flying around for a while now regarding the nature of the release of the Final Fantasy VII remake.

Square Enix have today confirmed what has probably been one of the worst kept secrets and that is that yes, the game in its re-released form will be episodic.

SE recently said, “For Final Fantasy VII Remake, which will be reborn on PlayStation 4, there is a lot of content to review in doing a full remake, and production is underway as multiple parts.”

This update was dropped by SE during Playstation’s State Of Play conference held on May 9th. And not just that, but they did a complete mic drop by closing the show the FF VII trailer below with new footage.

New Trailer For Kingdom Hearts III Drops

In case you missed the news, D23, or Disney’s Expo, is currently on and one thing they love showcasing are new trailers. Whether it’s for movies or games, they never disappoint and in this case, they delivered in spades by dropping a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III. The trailer shows off new gameplay but more exciting, they revealed a new world and it’s none other than Monsters, Inc., with Sulley and Mike Wazowski featuring in some action packed scenes.

Checked it out? How good does it look?? The game is dropping some time this year so expect more trailers releasing before launch…hopefully.

Cool Commercials For Dragon Quest XI In Japan

New commercials have recently hit Japan for the forthcoming Dragon Quest XI. It’d be great to say these ads are for the Australian release but no…it’s the Japan release. These ads are only for the Nintendo 3DS and the PS4 release while strangely the Nintendo Switch version is conspicuously absent. Anyways, enjoy the TV spots below.






And if you’d like some more DQ XI action, here’s a look at an extended cutscene: