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Time for another update and somehow I skipped May 🙁 But TJ Cosplay will more than make up for it! TJ is a Melbourne based cosplayer with many awesome cosplays up her sleeve. From Star Wars, Disney, X-Men, DC and more, she’s one to watch and follow online. Enjoy the gallery below and social media links under that.



Gamer Girl – Jazz

Time for a Gamer Girl update and it’s the return of a Japandaman favourite. Jazz was the first Gamer Girl we featured and now she makes a welcome return! Just in case you missed her the first time we featured her, here’s a look at that. Apart from being a Playstation gamer, having some amazingly awesome tatts, loving Japan and Star Wars, today (May the 4th) is her birthday! So make sure you swing past her instagram, give her a follow and wish her Happy Birthday!! Enjoy her new gallery below 🙂

Gamer Girl – Jazz

Let’s kick things off for this new Gamer Girl segment with someone I’ve been following for a few years now on Instagram. Jazz Milczenie Baranow is a 27 year old Polish girl living in Germany. She loves gaming (duh), tattoos, Japan, art, Star Wars, music and horror movies. So many boxes ticked right there!

Her posts are witty, funny, amusing and always very cool! I’ve included a few pics below and a link to her IG page which you should check out and follow!

Instagram Page: Jazz

Star Wars Pocky for Japan

Now here’s a great way to kill two pop culture icons with one stone. Glico, makers of all sweet things in Japan including the delicious Pocky, have joined forces (ahem) with movie giant franchise, Star Wars.

star wars pocky

They’re hitting Japan this week and will be accompanied by Pocky Giant packs and sticks in the style of light sabers. Promo clips can be seen below. You can also hit up the official site for the collaboration.

How cool are the Glico x Star Wars vans? Very.

As well as being yummy with a new element of cool to them, the packs also come with exclusive items such as rubber stamps, droid cushions which you can send away for and playing cards.

Vader Strikes Back In Sapporo

We showed how Storm Troopers and Darth Vader were doing the rounds of Tokyo scouting some locations for an upcoming Star Wars/Disney theme park attraction. Now it’s the run of Sapporo to be invaded by the Sith Lord with his Storm Troopers as they gather interest for the May opening of the new theme park. All the way to the island of Hokkaido in the far North of Japan.

With all that snow around, it could almost pass for the ice planet, Hoth. If Hoth had buildings…and looked like Japan. Next stop on the list is Okinawa.

Star Wars Taking Over Disney?

Have a peek at the video below, it appears that the Sith are taking over Tokyo Disney but in reality it’s all part of a promotion to scout the country for a new Tokyo Disneyland Star Wars  attraction. The attraction will be opening in May, should be a good thing for Star Wars fans in anticipation of the three new movies being planned.

Just what are those Stormtroopers looking for in the video? 🙂

For more info, check out the Vader Jp site.

BAPE Meets Star Wars

A Bathing Ape is a very popular clothing label originating from Japan and now available in various countries around the world. Wel,l now they’re taking their clothing to a whole new world, so to speak. It’s just been revealed that Bathing Ape has teamed up with the Star Wars franchise resulting in some unique and highly sought after clothes. Feast your eyes on the pics below, they look amazing! For now the clothes will only be available at  BAPE STORE HARAJUKU and BAPEXCLUSIVE AOYOMA.

They will also be appearing at BAPE STORE SEOUL very soon as well.