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New Trailer From Street Fighter EX Makers

Ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2017, a new game trailer for mystery title, Arika EX (working title), has been dropped. What makes this game really interesting is that the team developing the game is comprised of ex Street Fighter EX coders. Not much info is known apart from, this game started life as an April Fool’s joke which has become a real working project. Expect more from TGS but for now, melt your eyes on the sumptuous trailer below.

Kotobukiya releasing Bishoujo Chun-Li model

Awesome store in Akihabara, Kotobukiya, have just announced that they’ll be releasing a new figure to add to their roster of Bishoujo figures. That figure will be none other than Chun-Li from Street Fighter fame. Chun-Li also holds the distinction of being the first selectable female character in a fighting game, go Chunners!

The model will be based on artwork from well-known artist, Shunya Yamashita, and sculpted by Masahiro Takahashi who has had previous entries in the Bishoujo series. The figure will come dressed in the instantly recognisable traditional blue Chinese dress releasing one of  high kicks. Even better news is that after the release of this Chun-Li fgure, there are plans to add a Cammy figure to the Bishoujo family as well.

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You can get the figure when it releases in January 2014 with a retail price of ¥7,140.

Fantasy Street Fighter Done Right

Came across some amazing artwork for a talented individual by the name of Kei Suwabe-san in which he illustrates and presents an alternate Street Fighter Universe with a range of diverse characters stretching from Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders and even Hello Kitty!

Go through the gallery below and see if you can find your favourites but you’d be hard pressed to go past a bigger commercial rivalry than that of KFC and McDonalds’.

The artwork is really quite exquisite and deserves to be seen by as many fans as possible, obviously a labour of love for the artist and it shows. The hours that have gone into these 40+ illustrations is staggering.

To see more artwork and discover more of this talented artist, check out the site here.

Thanks to Danny Choo for the link!


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