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Streefighter X Tekken Varsity Jackets On Sale

A collection of Streetfighter X Tekken varsity style jackets have just hit Japan courtesy of Musterbrand. This isn’t their first dabble into gaming apparel as they previously made a range of Resident Evil 6 jackets as well.

Have a look at the pics below, the jacket does look pretty sharp and as such carries a bit of a high price tag at ¥13,000 but it sure will carry some street cred.

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Streetfighter X Tekken Falls Short

Yesterday we reported on the sales of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City from Japan, today we can report on the sales figures from another Capcom title. However the news this time around from Streetfighter X Tekken could be better.

During 2011, Capcom made the announcement of wanting to sell 2 million copies of Raccoon City by March 31st and while the game hasn’t hit the stratosphere, it’s noteworthy to take into account that it hadn’t been released worldwide as Japan received the title one month later.

Streetfighter X Tekken however was closer to Capcom’s estimates as they predicted 2 million copies by March 31st and the game only fell short by 600, ooo copies, selling 1.4 million copies.

The better news however is that Monster Hunter Tri G has broken all expectations selling 1.6 million units which is a far cry from the originally predicted 1.2 million copies.

Two New Fighters For Streetfighter X Tekken

Capcom have recently revealed the surprise of two new additions to the Streetfighter X Tekken game: Mega Man & Pac-Man. You read that right, they will be available exclusively to the PS3 and PS Vita versions of the game only.



The Mega Man character used in the game will be based on the Mega Man 1 US box art version.



Mega Man and Pac-Man join other exclusive characters such as Toro and Kuro from Dokodemo Issyo and Cole from the Infamous series.

For more info, check out the official SF x Tekken blog for video footage of the characters.

Capcom Brings Streetfighter X Tekken To Life

As we speak, Capcom is in the middle of selecting a group of 4 ladies who will be representing the heroines from the upcoming brawler, Streetfighter X Tekken.

The fans will be able to put in their two cents and have a say as to who they believe should be selected. The 4 female fighters who will be brought to life will be Miss Cammy, Miss Chun-Li, Miss Asuka and Miss Nina. Votes are being taken at the audition site where you’ll be able to find info like stats and profiles on all the female contenders. As well as the information on the site, you’ll be able to see pics of the girls in various fighting poses.


The winners will be announced at the Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition 2012 Capcom Official National Tournament which is to be held on the 3rd of March with the lucky winners turning up at the event in full cosplay gear. Pics of the girls are included below.


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Collector Pack For Streetfighter X Tekken

Capcom have released some images from the special collector pack for Streetfighter X Tekken and it looks like a great collectible. The collector pack will coincide with the release of the standard edition on March 8 and will come packaged with a 2 disc 46 track soundtrack, the World Warrior Pack DLC and an art book called Character Art Collection spanning 44 pages. The World Warrior Pack will be featuring in game gems which you can use on your character to give them special boosts and extra power during battle.







The Standard Edition will be priced at ¥6,090 while the version you’re looking at here will set you back ¥8,300, not bad. As a bonus, if you buy it from Capcom Online, you’ll receive a bonus desktop calendar which looks great and features a move chart so you can master all the characters.


Streetfighter X Tekken Will Share DLC


Capcom have just revealed that Streetfighter X Tekken, for both PS3 and PS Vita will be sharing the same DLC, free and premium. This means that as long as you’re using the same Playstation Network account on both devices, you’ll be able to share the content, only downloading and paying  fot it the one time which I think is a stroke of genius. This was announced through Joystiq, via the series producer, Yoshinori Ono, as well the news that a smaller arcade stick for the PS Vita may be in the works from 3rd party manufacturer, Mac Catz. However nothing concrete regarding the Vita arcade stick has been finalised as yet.