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Summer Comiket 2017 Cosplay Showcase

YouTubers, Rescue The Princess, have been at it again this time presenting an amazing cosplay show case from the recent Summer Comiket. This Comiket was the 92nd one and saw a massive crowd turn out at Tokyo Big Sight to check out the new manga from their favourite mangaka but also to admire the absolutely […]

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Pokemon Go Pikachu Cosplayer

Pokemon Go has well and truly gripped Japan now that it’s been launched over there and it hasn’t take long for the first PoGo influenced cosplay to make an appearance. Seen at the recent 2016 Summer Wonder Festival event in Chiba Prefecture was this cute Pikachu complete with sign above her head which shows the […]


Japanese Commercials, Vol. 11

Better late than never, it’s time for a fresh batch of cool TV commercials straight from Japan! The J-Pop Princess herself, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is promoting the new range of Sharp TV’s, bikini clad girls promoting a mobile game (yeah, I know), a Kill Bill style ad for Dynamite Boat Race, Match soft drink, a […]

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18 Hottest Anime Bikini Girls

It’s currently Summer in Australia although you can’t tell by the weather we’re having in Melbourne (read:abysmal). But it seems like a perfect time to post something I came across a while back. The 15 hottest bikini girls as seen on┬á Nozomi Toujou (Love Live!) Eli Ayase (Love Live!) Maki Nishikino (Love Live!) Kotori Minami […]

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Madoka Magica Summer Updates

Fans of Madoka Magica will be chomping at the bit for these next set of news. The girls from the series will be receiving an update for the digital card game during the Summer season. There’s camping gear with a Summer theme as well as circus inspired outfits, just to name a couple. [AFG_gallery id=’404′]


Summer Comiket cosplay from Japan

The Summer Comic Market (Comiket 84) held in Japan has wrapped up for this year. Comiket is known as the world’s largest dojinshi fair which occurs twice annually and is a great opportunity for the public to showcase their self published works. As with expos and cons of this nature, it attracts cosplayers of all […]

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Monster Hunter 4 Footage Via Japanese Comedian

Satoshi Inoue is a Japanese comedian who also happens to be a huge Monster Hunter fan, so recently Capcom put Monster Hunter 4 in his hands to give it a spin. Even if you can’t understand the Nihongo, the videos showcase some of the new amazing new footage that awaits gamers in Japan when it […]

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The Summer Streets Of Akihabara

Just some more pics from prolific Japan pop culture blogger, Danny Choo, of the Otaku streets of Akihabara during the sweltering season that is Summer. I can’t get enough of these pics and love Akihabara for the tech, the amazing swag that you can only pick up there and just the people attracted to this […]

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Summer In Shibuya

We’ve been following Japanese blogger, Danny Choo‘s Summer in Japan series and now it’s time for another installment. This time the spotlight falls on the mecca that is shopping, Shibuya. With the world famous scramble crossing which is the busiest in the world to everyone’s favourite dog Hachiko to the epicentre trademark building, Shibuya 109, […]

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Summer In Harajuku

If you’ve been following Japandaman lately, you’ll know that we’ve been covering the current series of photographs that Danny Choo has been posting in his Summer in Japan series. We’ve shown Summer in Akihabara and Summer in Shinjuku in case you’ve missed them and today we present Summer in Harajuku. Harajuku, the famed hangout of […]