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Pokemon Evolutions Sun & Moon Commercial

And now it’s time for an absolutely endearing commercial for Pokemon Sun & Moon. Showing a young boy’s love and passion for Pokemon on the Gameboy and TCG though to life as a young man. But man, this commercial gives serious feels. And I’m seriously not wiping a tear away, you’re wiping a tear away…


New Anime For Pokemon Sun & Moon

The latest Pokemon Sun & Moon games release in Australia on November 18 which I really can’t wait for but even better, I hear that a new anime based on Pokemon Sun & Moon is in the works. Here’s your first look at the new anime which was shown during the Pokemon variety show, Gathering In The Pokemon House?

I don’t know what’s more awesome, the new anime or the fact that Japan has a variety show revolving around Pokemon! The clip shows Ash with a new look and some of the characters he’ll meet in the show. Pikachu’s amazing Z-move is also shown.

Pokemon Sun & Moon the anime commences screening on November 17, 2016.

EB Games Reveal Launch Plans For Pokemon Sun & Moon

Exciting news today for Pokemon fans expectant on any news regarding a launch party for Melbourne. EB Games on Swanston St have answered prayers by revealing the following news tonight:

We are super excited to announce the OFFICIAL AUSTRALIAN MIDNIGHT LAUNCH FOR POKEMON SUN AND MOON taking place on Thursday November 17 at FEDERATION SQUARE! This will be Australia’s BIGGEST launch for a game EVER! With more details to come, the important thing to do right now is to make sure your preorder is down at the SWANSTON ST store. Only orders at the Swanston St store will be able to be collected at the Official Launch. Please come in and see us at Swanston St, or alternatively speak with staff at your local store to ensure your preorder is here!
Another thing we can announce now is that there will definitely be a COSPLAY competition, so get working on those costumes!
Please help us spread the word as this is an event any Pokémon fan will not want to miss!


NOTE: If you have already pre-ordered at another EB Store this CAN be transferred to Swanston St. To do this either come into the Swanston St and we can do it for you OR go to the store you currently have it on order at and ask for it to be transferred to Swanston St! We are also taking new orders if you haven’t ordered yet!


Snorlax Has A 20 Year Old Secret

Nintendo have just released news of one of the biggest easter eggs in the Pokemon series of games to date. Check out this image of Snorlax in the first games for Japan, Pokemon Red & Green:

snorlax 1

It shows Snorlax lying flat on his back…asleep. However sharp eyed gamers might have realised that in the Pokedex, Snorlax isn’t always sleeping, in fact, here’s an image showing the various states Snorlax has been in as he gradually wakes up in Pokémon Gold and Silver (1999), Ruby and Sapphire (2002),Diamond and Pearl (2006), and Black and White (2010):

snorlax 2

Don’t take my word for it, here’s a video from Nintendo showing Pokémon Sun and Moon, watch out for Snorlax at the 1 minute mark:

Plus, it looks like he has an amazing new attack in the upcoming games!

snorlax 3

New Japanese Commercial For Pokemon Sun/Moon

Nintendo of Japan have been at it again creating a commercial for the upcoming new Pokemon release of Sun and Moon. This commercial pulls and tears at the heart strings as it shows a young boy getting used to settling in a new country, being the odd one out at a new school, having lunch by yourself…I think most of us have been there 🙁

But then…Pokemon saves the day and brings everyone together in the most sweetest of ways *sigh* If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, catch it below…and get the box of tissues ready.