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Cute Elephant Nose Ice Cream

Now here’s a delicious looking treat which comes from the creative minds in Japan. Elephant nose ice cream. Doesn’t sound appetising at first but have a peek at the pics below and you’ll see what they mean.

[AFG_gallery id=’399′]

These have been put together by the Zou-No-Hana Cafe situated in Yokohama and is the house specialty. The ice creams come with chocolate eye buttons and wafers for ears for the complete touch.

How cute are they?

These Iphone Cases Look Good Enough To Eat!

People love to decorate their mobile phones in many ways. The first can be to hang charms or mobile straps of which there are many. The other way is to slip it into a case which protects it and gives it its own unique personality. These next cases will have most people drooling and salivating because they look amazing and real.

strawberry iphone case
The drool factor is high!

These amazing looking cases from Japan have all sorts of artificial food decorating them, from yummy sweet treats to more traditional food such as sushi. Check out the gallery below, no one would blame you if you accidentally tried to eat one of these!

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Basketball Anime To Receive Chocolate Treat

Popular basketball anime, Kuroko’s Basketball, has a sweet treat about to hit Japan just in time for Valentine’s Day. They look delicious with each character receiving a different flavoured chocolate. If you’re allergic to nuts though, prepare to be disappointed as only bar doesn’t have them. Still, even the packaging looks amazing.

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