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Kyary’s Metal Concert T-Shirt Revealed

J-Pop idol, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, is on her world tour as we speak and now we can show what lucky attendees can expect in the way of a souvenir t-shirt. Knowing what she’s about and how much pop is in her music, you’d probably be expecting something pink, yellow or some other fluffy colours?

kyary metal tshirt


After looking at the picture, you’d be wrong, with Kyary opting for a more metal look to her t-shirt. The picture was tweeted by Kyary herself. Who saw this design coming?

Review: Churuya-San Anime T-Shirt – Nyoro~n

Churuya-San Anime T-Shirt – Nyoro~n
large_15777_nyoron_CHURUYAsanOtaku t-shirts are a great way to show your true colours to the rest of the world and this t-shirt featuring Churuya-san from The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzuimya is no exception. Great cotton t that fits nicely and lets the air flow keeping you cool when wearing it. A gorgeous single manga style frame adorns this t shirt featuring Churuya-san uttering her famous phrase, “Nyoro~n” while the graphic itself has been printed with a thicker style of ink so the design should survive quite a few gentle washes before any signs of fading rear their ugly head. Well, that would the thinking behind it anyways 🙂 The artwork itself is very cutesy and Churuya-san looks great with the wide eyed innocence that’s all too familiar and kawaii with very colourful and bright colours on her hair and school uniform. The quality and finish of the graphic is actually quite rough and not as smooth as some other t’s on the market but I’m attributing that to the thickness of the ink used. Only time will tell but all in all, a great t-shirt with a simple but effective graphic that will suit any fan and any wardrobe. Snap it up today from Otaku Fuel.

Review: Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Hollow T-Shirt

Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki Hollow T-Shirt supplied by Otaku Fuel

Any otaku worth their salt will have watched, read or at the very least heard about Tite Kubo’s runaway success that is Bleach. Filled with rich characters, engrossing storylines, tight action sequences and exciting and evolving villains, this is one title that has amassed a huge following right around the world. So what better way to declare your love for these characters than with your very own Ichigo Kurosaki t-shirt complete with hollow transformation face mask. T-Shirts are probably one of the easiest ways to show the world your favourite animes or mangas!


I’ll start with the t-shirt itself which is made from a medium density cotton material meaning it’s just right for warm weather without having the flimsy look and and feel that some cheaper brands tend to do these days to just preserve cost.Non fading colour even after repeated washings by machine, this is one T that will stand the test of time. The actual graphic design is very impressive with a lot of detail going on on Ichigo’s face with particular mention to the eyes, the kanji in the background and the mask itself as it appears to be shattering from his face. Great vibrant colours also make the image really stand out from the crowd. There’s also a nice Bleach logo at the base of the kanji with clear and legible lettering which is easy to read unlike some other brands where the writing in the logo can sometimes bleed into the material itself resulting in a blurry and hard to make out logo. Happy to report, that isn’t the case here.

Finally the quality and durability of the graphic itself is right up there with the previous mention of the t-shirt material. Long lasting and non fading colours chosen for the graphic that have so far stood the test of time on my exact same t-shirt. You could do a far worse than this T which I give full marks for the material, the graphic design and the quality of the cotton. Top marks here, add this one to your shopping list next time you’re around Otaku Fuel 🙂