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Close Look At Resident Evil Leather Jacket

Capcom’s latest entry in the survival horror franchise known around the world, Resident Evil 6, has an awesome if somewhat pricey extremely limited edition of the game.

Available exclusively through the e-Capcom site, the Premium Edition comes with an awesome leather jacket as seen in the game along with a set of four tablet covers. Check out the pics below of the jacket  as seen on a man and woman and the eye catching tablet covers.


[AFG_gallery id=’109′]

If you purchase the normal edition of the game from e-Capcom, you also get a tablet cover bit it’s only one and you can’t choose it, it’s completely random. The only way to get all four is to purchase the Premium Edition however keep in mind that the Premium Edition will set you back am absolutely whopping ¬•105, 000. That’s right, at today’s exchange rate in Australian dollars, this set is going to set you back $1387!!! As a final touch, the inside of the jacket comes with a name tag with a special message from the President.

If you want it, you’ll need the cash and need to know someone in Japan as they don’t ship out of Japan but if your pockets are deep enough, it’ll sure make a unique collectible.