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Unboxing: The Last Guardian Limited Edition

I had been waiting for The Last Guardian on any Playstation platform for the longest time, I imagine like a lot other gaming fans as well. When I heard that it was finally being released this year for the PS4, I couldn’t believe it and pre-ordered the limited edition of the collector’s edition anyways. Well, I’m so glad I did as this things is absolutely stunning and totally exceeded my expectations of what I thought I was going to be receiving!

Playstation Experience 2016 Day One

The Playstation Experience 2016 was held this morning, Melbourne time, and considering it was just the first day, there were announcements and videos galore that left me salivating and wanting to see more. I’ve included the clips below for the games that I’m keen to see and right at the bottom I’ve left a link to see more of the other clips and some Playstation Experience links for you to check out.

The Last Guardian TGS 16 Trailer

Like a lot of people, I’ve been waiting a while for The Last Guardian from developers genDESIGN and SIE Japan Studio. I’ve actually pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition even though it’s been delayed (again) til December 2016. Nonetheless, I can’t wait to get my hands on it and was over the moon when I saw this new trailer from that aired at Tokyo Game Show 2016!


The Last Guardian Won’t Be At TGS

Eagerly anticipated and being in development for what feels like forever, The Last Guardian, promises to be a class act when it’s eventually finished or maybe even seen before then. This was the thought on many gamers’ mind with the upcoming TGS. Sadly, Sony has recently confirmed that this won’t be the case and The Last Guardian will be absent from the multitude of games that will be shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show.

Brian Dunn, Associate Product Marketing Manager for Sony, had the following statement, “We wanted to confirm that The Last Guardian is not on the schedule for this year’s Tokyo Game Show. However we can assure you that Ueda-san and the rest of the development team are hard at work to bring his lofty vision to life and deliver the very best gaming experience possible.”

If he’s talking about keeping the game under cover as they keep working on it to produce one of the best looking games ever made with gameplay to boot, then I’m all for it. Who’s with me?

And just to remind you all what the game’s about, here’s the trailer from E3. Absolutely stunning, gorgeous and too beautiful for words…brings a tear to the eye 🙂