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Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Demo Lands On 3DS

A demo has just hit the 3DS for the sequel Square Enix’s Theatrhythm game from a couple of years ago. The forthcoming Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call can now be tried and test by 3DS gamers. If you loved the first one then this one will be right up your alley as it continues the same frantic rhythm action from the first game. And if you never experienced the first game, then don’t miss out on this, it’s a unique adventure.


Two songs feature on the demo, they’re “Sabin’s Theme” from Final Fantasy VI and “J-E-N-O-V-A” from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. The demo can be played up to 30 times and if you download the demo, you’ll have extra characters unlocked when you upgrade to the full game when it releases.

Theatrhythm Vintage Tunes Ad Hits Japan

The latest from Square Enix has hit Japan recently, that title being Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call. Advertisements on television have been hitting up Japan thick and fast but the ad below deserves special mention.

Here’s a nostalgic look at the Final Fantasy series through a longer commercial for television that was recently screened for the web as a shorter version.

Theatrhythm Chibi Figures Coming Up

Seems like the promotions are well and truly underway for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call for the Nintendo 3DS. Square Enix have just revealed a new line of Final Fantasy VII character in the cute chibi style as seen in Theatrhythm.

The lineup will have Sephiroth, Cloud and Tifa standing at 5 inches and will sell for $29.00, pre-orders are open now while the figures won’t be released until August later this year.

Sephiroth link


Tifa link


Cloud link

cloud chibi


Theatrythym Final Fantasy: Curtain Call Launch Date With Limited XL

One of the more exciting an unique games for the Nintendo 3DS would have to be Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The rhythm based game starring a whole heap of favourites from the Final Fantasy universe. The game has been a huge success for Square Enix which gave them reason to start work on a sequel.


The sequel, Theathrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call will be releasing in Japan on April 24th. But as with all big releases in Japan, this one comes with an amazing bundle. The bundle comes with a Theatrhythm edition 3DS XL and a digital copy of the game on the included SD card. The bundle will set you back ¥23,000 and will no doubt sell out very fast when released.

Theatrhythm 3DS

Pre-orders open on the 20th of February from 1PM (Japan time) and close on the 25th of February. People will be eligible for a chance to buy one via a raffle system.

TGS ’13: Curtain Call demo info for Tokyo Game Show

Some fresh information from Square Enix has just been released regarding the demo for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call at TGS, namely the tracks that will be in the demo, and let’s just say, it’s an impressive list. The songs have been broken up into BMS – Battle Music Stage, EMS – Event Music Stage and FMS – Field Music Stage.

Final Fantasy V

  • BMS – Battle at the Big Bridge
  • FMS – Airship

Final Fantasy VI

  • BMS – The Decisive Battle
  • FMS – Edgar and Mash’s Theme

Final Fantasy IX

  • BMS – Hunter Chance
  • FMS – You’re Not Alone

Final Fantasy X

  • BMS – Seymour Battle
  • FMS – Zanarkand

Final Fantasy XIV

  • BMS – Ten Yori Furishi Chikara

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

  • EMS – Advent: One-Winged Angel

Final Fantasy Type-0

  • EMS – Warera Kitareri

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

  • BMS – Crimson Blitz

TGS ’13: FF Theatrhythm Curtain Call screenshots

We reported very recently that Square Enix will be releasing a sequel to the popular rhythm based game on the 3DS, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The new game, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call is still a work in progress but the developers saw fit to release the following screenshots to share the progress.

[AFG_gallery id=’324′]

We also know that this new title will be in playable form at TGS next week so we’ll definitely be getting some hands on with this one. We’ll let you know what we think.

New Final Fantasy Theatrhythm game for 3DS

Square Enix have just announced they’re working on a new rhythm game for the Nintendo 3DS set in the Final Fantasy universe.

theatrhythm logo

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call will act as a sequel to the previous release on the 3DS, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. The new game will contain more than 60 characters, feature over 200 tracks and a newly designed Versus Battle mode.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call will be hitting Japan in Spring 2014.