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Sega Dreamcast Theme For Nintendo 3DS

In yet another “Japan is awesome” bit of news, we hear that something really cool and retro is heading for the Nintendo 3DS. Fans of the Sega Dreamcast will be pleased to hear that a new theme, based around Sega’s console, is headed to the 3DS.

The theme has awesome effects like the sound of the spinning drive, the beeping VMU and even the spinning fan. Like all good things, you need to have a Japanese 3DS and access to the Japanese eShop to download this. But fingers crossed that maybe sometime in the future, it makes its way to the West as well.

Utada Hikaru To Provide Evangelion 3.0 Theme

Some news out of Japan today regarding the Evangelion 3.0 movie with the announcement that J-Pop songstress, Utada Hikaru, has provided the end theme for the movie.

The track, ‘Sakura Nagashi’ marks Utada’s entry back into the world of music show business since ‘Goodbye Happiness’. The producers of the movie spoke to Utada and managed to convince her to lend her vocals for the track as a one time deal. ‘Sakura Nagashi’ is already up for download from the Japanese iTunes store, as always if you need Japanese iTunes store credit, please contact us as we can provide this for you.

The track will be available as a purchase with a bundled DVD from December 26 so keep an eye out for that as well.

Reworking the blog pt. 3

Ok…so all posts, past and current, have been categorised and tagged which should be evident when you’re reading the posts, also on the front page you should now see a menu which is actually the categories that  kept from the over 100 that were there in the first place…wayyyyy to many 🙂 I’ve decided to rename the blog and include V2.0 as in a sense it is a reboot. The theme may or may not be the permanent one but for now it’ll stay. I really like some of the Premium themes but being premium, they are not free 🙁 So hoping you all like it, any feedback good or bad is always welcome and as always, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

Reworking the blog part. 2

So the back of house update continues…I think I have the categories I want but I think I still may have too many. I’ve begun using tags in the same way as I was using categories. So a few category menus and then the tags branch out under them to fine tune the blog posts, making them easier to search for the reader and on wordpress.com. I’m also trying out a new theme, on display right now, where the categories appear as menus. Do you think I have too many and should cut down or is it just right and I’m being over analytical? Either way thanks for stopping by and for your opinions!!