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Video Diary – Using The Fare Adjustment Machine

The train system is highly efficient in Japan but it can be confusing and daunting at times especially when you look at a transit map. You’re not alone there though, even the locals sometimes struggle with knowing exactly how much a fare will cost at their destination. Every station has these handy Fare Adjustment machines where you insert your ticket at your destination and it tells you if you’re short on the fare and need to insert more coins to complete your trip. The machine then issues a new ticket with the correct fare and you can exit through the turnstiles. Very handy, right?

Here’s a video of me illustrating how to use the machines and what you need to look out for.

Video Diary – Buying A Train Ticket In Japan

Here’s the first of a few video diaries that I’ve put together from the trips we’ve taken to Japan over the years. This video diary entry shows how easy it is to buy a train ticket to get practically anywhere you want in Japan. We also use Hyperdia for planning trips on the very extensive Japanese rail system. I hope between the video and the Hyperdia site that you’re able to navigate your way around Japan.

Free TGS 2011 Tickets!!

If you’re going to be in Japan this year during September and are wondering how you’re going to get to the Tokyo Game Show, the organisers have you covered. 100 lucky people will be able to get their hands on one of 50 double pass by simply following @tokyo_game_show on Twitter and tweeting why you would like to go to TGS, the reason should be pretty simple 🙂 The competition only covers the actual ticket to TGS and not flights to Japan or accommodation. Don’t forget, when adding your tweet, to include the #tgs2011ticket hashtag to make sure your message gets across the Twiterverse! And just to remind you of how awesome TGS is and was last year, I’ve included a video montage of my TGS experience last year 🙂 Get cracking and good luck! And thanks to my mate Hendy for the news hookup!