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Boruto & Friends Feature in Toho Cinemas

If you’re going to promote a chain of cinemas in Japan, you could do worse than enlisting the aid of some well known anime characters. Toho Cinemas have dropped a new promotional commercial showing Kami-Usagi Rope’s Rope and Akira being hassled by Naruto and Boruto. The commercial is to showcase the latest cinema in the Toho chain for the Uenuo area in Tokyo.

Catch the ad below, it has a cutesy art style, don’t you think?


Five Short Films Inspired By Ghost in The Shell ARISE border

The Ghost in the Shell ARISE border: less project was an incentive to allow 5 young Japanese film makers to produce short films inspired by the cult classic series and the new anime movies. The films were screened for the first time on March 28th at the Toho Cinemas Nihonbashi in Tokyo.

The five films were recently posted online to YouTube, you can check out the different visions shown by the film makers below.


(03:19) directed by Yoshihito Sasaguchi with Katsuyuki Motohiro as the general director


(08:22) directed by Junta Yamaguchi


(03:30) directed by Shintaro Ono

“Shimamura Yuki wa Tanaka Kenji wo Wasurenai”

 (Yuki Shimamuwa won’t forget about Kenji Tanaka)

(10:01) directed by Daisuke Yamaoka


(02:52) directed by Kaori Umewaki