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Summer Comiket 2017 Cosplay Showcase

YouTubers, Rescue The Princess, have been at it again this time presenting an amazing cosplay show case from the recent Summer Comiket. This Comiket was the 92nd one and saw a massive crowd turn out at Tokyo Big Sight to check out the new manga from their favourite mangaka but also to admire the absolutely stellar cosplay that was on display. Don’t believe me? Check out the video below!

AnimeJapan 2015 Cosplayer Report

AnimeJapan is easily one of the largest cons in Japan revolving around anime/manga which is held at the Tokyo Big Sight. The event recently wrapped up on the March 21 & 22 weekend which were the two public days.

The event attracts TV stations, anime developers, game developers, various merchandise manufacturers plus loads more related companies. As with all these events, the company booths employ cosplayers to act as booth babes and hand out flyers, pamphlets and free swag.

This article was published on Crunchyroll with the pics being taken by Ransui Sato.

AnimeJapan 2014 Report 1

AnimeJapan 2014 launched yesterday in Japan on March 22nd. This is the first time the event has been run and was held at the Tokyo Big Sight and featured a few cool display items. One of them was the AV-98 Ingram (16m-tall) and the transporter truck which drives it around.

[AFG_gallery id=’388′]

These are both being presented and used in the live action The Next Generation – Patlabor movies.

Comiket 85 Cosplay Pictorial Wrap Up

We posted a cosplay video from Comiket 85 the other day which was held at the Tokyo Big Sight convention centre. Today we give you a follow up gallery with just under 100 pics in there.

There’s something for everyone ranging from Ghibli, Madoka, Biohazard, Hatsune Miku, Attack on Titan plus loads more!

[AFG_gallery id=’363′]

Have  a look at the gallery below, any of your favourite make the cut?

Comiket 85 Cosplay Video

Comiket 85 was recently held at Tokyo Big Sight between December 29 and 31. Comiket is short for Comic Market convention and covers doujinshi or self published works of manga, novels or magzines. It’s a great opportunity for otaku to pick up some rare and limited items and also provides a great opportunity for cosplayers to show up and show off some amazing costumes.

Can you spot any of your favourite characters in there?